Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Stellar Seller 7/5/08 PinkParchmentSoaps

This week's Stellar Seller is PinkParchmentSoaps. PinkParchmentSoaps is a Michigan based soap company that's been on Etsy for almost a year now. For our interview we spoke with Trish, ringleader for PinkParchment. Get to know more about the business by reading the interview below, and click the link above to check out their Etsy shop.

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Owls: Tell us all about you, as much or as little as you'd love to share with the Etsy world.

P.P : My name is Trish, I’m a wife and mother of 2 beautiful young ladies. Both of my daughters are involved with the soap making business and my husband is one of our official soap testers.

Owls: Let us hear all about your shop & how you got started

P.P :

Several years ago we were vacationing in North Carolina and went window shopping. There was a small soap store that had the most beautiful soaps that we had ever seen. With birthdays and holidays right around the corner, we spent several hours in the shop stocking up and falling in love with handmade soap.

Once we returned to Michigan, I got a flyer in the mail from a local college – they were offering classes in handmade soap! Not one to ignore fate, I took the class and we began to make our own soap. After a few years of experimenting with different formulas, colorants, and scents, Pink Parchment Soaps was born.

Owls: What inspires you to create?

P.P. : Everything! Foods, nature, scents and people. It doesn’t take much!

Owls: Describe yourself in 1 word:

P.P : Crazy Soaper. Ok that’s two words! Making soap is so much fun. We just love experimenting with all the different ingredients, colors, color techniques and scents.

Owls: What is your favorite:

---decade in the 1900s? The 20’s. Women were wild and taking charge of their lives!

---song from the 80's? Girls Just Want to Have Fun Sung by Cyndi Lauper!

---foreign pop star? Aren’t all pop stars foreign?

---donut? Cinnamon – hot and fresh from the cider mill.

---Etsy seller??? Now that’s a hard one. There are so many Etsy sellers that have wonderful items in their shops! If I had to pick one, I think it would be JanEleven. I just love her ACEO’s and paintings!

Owls: Anything else you want to add?

P.P : We love having a shop on Etsy and meeting the wonderful Etsians!

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Holly! said...

PinkParchment your soaps look amazing!

knitandpearl said...

Great article!! I love that she took a class on soap making! That sounds like SOOOO much fun!

Celebrate Life said...

PinkParchment's soaps *are* amazing! She is such a wonderful seller and etsyan.

(JanEleven is awesome, too)

Great interview!

pinkeareddog said...

What a fun interview to read - I've tried some pinkparchment's soaps too, and they are wonderful.


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