Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Friday Bonanza!!

The Etsy Owls Black Friday Bonanza is running from Thanksgiving Day through December 6th. Each shop has a specific sale, and some shops might be running different dates, so check out shop announcements for the full scoop! Here's a preview of some of the specials in advance. You can't get the specials yet, but you can start favoriting and planning in advance! Odds are, if you're looking for that certain gift, someone here has just the thing!

Prices reduced 30%
Free Priority Shipping on orders over $50
11/26 through 12/6


15% off Storewide, 11/26 through 12/1

                Bright Eyes Owl Painting
                   by lalala08

        Buy One Get One Free, 11/27 through 11/30
                                Free Gift with Purchase            

Free Worldwide Shipping
11/27 through 11/30

Buy One, Get One Half Off--11/26 through 12/6

Bumblebirch is celebrating the Black Friday Bonanza with discounts from 5-25% off! Check out the sale section for daily specials on yarn, stitch markers, and stationary! Sale dates 11/26 through 12/6

10% off your total order 11/26 through 12/6

20% off storewide 11/26 through 12/6

  by  GubFactory

20% off Storewide, 11/26 through 12/6

                    Mocha Latte Wool Cable Knit Gloves
                by Squarejane
           Buy One Get One Free
             (pay shipping on free item!)
               11/26 through 12/6


Special sale sections include 50% off, Buy One Get One Free, and Free Shipping
See Shop Announcement for details before purchase!

Free Shipping 11/27 - 11/30
Free Ring with Purchase 11/27 through 12/6

40% off Storewide
11/26 through 12/6


20% off storewide, free worldwide shipping
11/26 through 12/6

35% off total order
Free Shipping plus Free Gift
11/26 through 12/6

50% off storewide 11/27 through 11/29

30% off Storewide, 11/26 through 12/6

15% off Storewide, 11/27 through 12/6

20% off Storewide and Free Shipping
11/26 through 12/6

Free WORLDWIDE shipping 11/26 through 12/6


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