Monday, June 16, 2008

Etsy Owls Banner Contest!

Calling all graphic designers! The Etsy Owls shop is in desperate need of a makeover! Figaro's tired of looking at that boring banner all the time, and is demanding we get him a new one. So, we're asking for your help!

What we are looking for is a banner and matching avatar that both reflects the spirit of our team and satisfies Figaro. To understand this spirit, it might be important to know a bit about our team.

We started out of the desire for fellowship and community, and our main objective as a team is to help promote one another while making new friendships. We are a mixed media team from all over and like the fact that many of our members explore more than one medium.

Some things to consider:

We're 'off the wall'. We're looking for something bold, creative, and maybe a bit out there.

Figaro, our mascot and friend, is an owl. He's male. He would like to be somehow depicted in either the banner or the avatar, or both. (we're excited to see new images of Figaro, so don't hold back!)

Sources of more information:
Owls Team Profile
Off the Wall Etsy store
the Etsy Owls members blog ring


We're going to begin promoting for the contest on the 16th of June. If you're interested in participating, use this time to start the gears turning, and also to encourage your friends to participate as well. We will be accepting submissions from the 23rd through the 30th of June. We will NOT consider designs submitted before the 23rd, or after midnight Etsy time on June 30th. This gives all interested parties 2 weeks to complete a design. Entries are to be submitted to Kristen (our official Figaro liaison) at with the subject heading of 'Etsy Owls Banner Contest'. Please make sure to use this subject heading to make sure that your entry isn't marked as spam or deleted!

The winner will receive a prize bundle compiled of items from participating Etsy Owls shops. The value of this package is approximately $75 and it should also be noted that most of these items are girly.

All submissions will be posted on our blog at the time of the contest, but the winner and the runner up will get a special feature article following our decision. The submissions will be voted on by members of the Owls team.

Please use Etsy convos if you have any questions, and contact suenosdejmi or knitandpearl.

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