Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Stellar Seller 6/21/08

The first Stellar Seller on our new blog is Lisa of BaileyBowls . Read the interview to get to know Lisa (and Bailey!) and check out her shop for any of the items pictured and many more!

Click here to see the Good Luck Owl, pictured right.

A little about myself:

My name is Lisa and I am an artist at heart. I have an Architecture degree from UC Berkeley but went into software engineering as my career. In order to feed my artistic side, I paint, draw, photograph and, of course, do a lot of ceramics. I love getting my hands dirty with clay. There's something really mesmerizing about the potter's wheel when it is spinning. I often don't sit down with a piece in mind - the piece reveals itself as I'm throwing.
Click here to see Chester, pictured below.
How I got started:

I've been doing ceramics for over 12 years and I had boxes and boxes of pieces I've made. A lot of times, I give them away to my friends. I did craft shows when I had time and the energy. I started my ETSY shop after my good friend pointed me to it. She said "look at this cute website. You should sell your stuff there." :D Now I have a dedicated studio space and spend a lot of my time enjoying the process of creation.

What inspires me:

My friends are very supportive and inspirational to me. They would call me up and say "Lisa, I was at such and such store shopping. I saw this item but I think I need something different. You can make that right?". I'd sketch it out and then the idea would churn for a while in my head. These nested pinch pots were one of those creations from my friend's suggestions. Or another friend decided to learn to be a bee keeper to harvest honey and asked me to make her some honey jars. I ended up making quite a few of these.

My other greatest inspiration is my loving dog Bailey - my shop's namesake. He is such an adorable dog that I like to put him on everything. He has an entire line of pottery called Bailey-ware. One day, I intend to extend the line to clothing and dish cloths. LOL

Sometimes when I'm on hikes, I'd pick up sticks, leaves and varies seeds with the intention of incorporating them into my ceramic pieces. Oh, if only I didn't have a day job.

Some pieces from the Bailey Ware here to see them all

What is your favorite:

---chocolate candy?


---theme park?

---musical group/musician that begins with the letter 'p'?

---off-the-air sitcom?

---Etsy seller?

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knitandpearl said...

What an awesome interview! Thanks, Baileybowls!

ginny said...

Yay for having Lisa/BaileyBowls as your first featured artist! She's simply delightful, both online and off :D. Congratulations Lisa!

J-Mi said...

Yay bowls! I'm really glad Lisa was our first feature. I just love her shop...I'm a bowl groupie. :D


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