Monday, August 4, 2008

Owls Stellar Seller, Earcmra

We're finally getting around to the sweet stuff! By sweet stuff, we're talking about these absolutely yummy looking caramels from Earcmra.

The brains behind Earcmra is Rachelle, a college student who has definitely gotten our attention with her shop full of candy creations. Read her interview to find out more about Rachelle and Earcmra, and check out her shop to buy yourself (or us!) some of her yummy caramels!!!

**Edit: Since we featured Rachelle, her shop has changed. She is now selling her caramels at CaramelJubilee **

Owls: Why did you start making candy and how did you end up on Etsy?

Earcmra: I've always enjoyed cooking, and I particularly like taking on big complicated recipes. I never would have guessed that I'd be known for working magic with a fairly simple recipe--caramel. One day about five months ago I was looking for something new to make and came across a recipe for anise (black licorice) caramels. I was intrigued so I made them. They turned out fantastically well, and the rest is history!

I came across etsy in December 2007 wile surfing the web and Christmas shopping. I joined that day and started making a few purchases. I started selling my caramels in mid-May. Etsy gives me the perfect flexible avenue to fit my caramel selling in with the other aspects of my life at this time. I love etsy!

Owls: What inspires you to create?

Earcmra: I find ideas for new caramel recipes in my everyday life. While on a vacation in New York I came across delicious pomegranate juice. I knew it was destined for caramel goodness, so I brought it home with me and figured out a recipe. A friend of mine is bringing me hazelnuts from a visit to Oregon and I plan to work up a recipe for them too. It's fun to see how these luscious flavors combine in a caramel base.

Owls: Describe yourself in one word
earcmra Inquisitive

Owls: Tell us your favorite:

--musical group/artist that starts with the letter 'b'?: Badly Drawn Boy

--kind of cookie?: Gooey chocolate chip with German chocolate frosting on top

--song from the 90s?: Green Day's "Good Riddance"

--restaurant?: Sego Lily Cafe in Bountiful, Utah


J-Mi said...

Cookies can have frosting? yum...

Holly! said...

oooohhhh caramel!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere I go I see this seller. I guess it means I gotta buy something. haha.

knitandpearl said...

Of COURSE cookies can have FROSTING Jamie! Everything can have frosting :)


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