Monday, August 25, 2008

Stellar Seller, 8/25, giftbird

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This week's Stellar Seller is Giftbird. In the outside-Etsy world, Giftbird is Deb, who was more than happy to let us into her world. We Owls love Giftbird's shop, and we promise that it's for more reasons than the fact that she has a whole section of owls and birds in her shop. :)

But seriously, she has a whole section of owls and birds in her shop!

Get to know Deb by reading the interview below, and click on any of the links or the Etsy Mini to check out her shop.

1. Tell us all about you, as much or as little as you'd love to share with the Etsy world.

I'm 29, going to school full time to become an occupational therapist, and work part time as a ballroom dance instructor. I love using crafts as my own form of "therapy" and hope to share my interests with others. I started becoming interested in my store, Giftbird when I became obsessed with owls and bird jewelry. I wanted to make a few owl and bird necklaces to see if other people would have similar shopping interests and so far, I've found that people like my style. I hope to continue to share my love of birds, roosters, owls, with other people.

2. What made you get started with making jewelry, and how'd you end up on Etsy?

My sister and mother both make jewelry. I wanted to learn how to make jewelry so I could have fun with my family. We used to go to the jewelry store together and I would sit and watch. After a while, I wanted to learn how to make jewelry as well.

3. What inspires you to create?

I love to be crafty. I love looking and shopping on etsy for new inspiration. Usually, I'm also trying to come up with something for one my classes (Occupational Therapy school) that is functional and creative.

4. Describe yourself in one word: Determined

5. What is your favorite:

--song to craft to? anything Latin. I love Latin music of all kinds to craft to, dance to, sing to, etc.
--off-air television show? Chuck (I think it is coming back on TV again though).
--thing to do on a rainy day? Other than sleep, I like to craft too.
--restaurant? BBQ anything. I will just about anything for some home cooked mashed potatoes.
--Etsy seller? DennisAnderson - I love this guys soap. I use it every day. His soap is the only thing I look forward to in the morning other than my peanut butter and banana.

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knitandpearl said...

awesome interview!! Go giftbird!!


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