Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions!

It's Challenge time again! The theme of this challenge was centered around the New Year. Each Owl was asked to create an 8x10 photograph that depicted their New Year’s Resolution. To the left of this post is a poll. Please vote on your favorite Photo!!!!

CagedBirdSings “One of my new years resolutions is to have confidence in myself more.”

HollyStott “My New Year's Resolution is to try to spend even more time promoting the EtsyOwls.”

Jbirkemeierphoto's “I chose to start practicing yoga again so my back doesn't hurt so much.”

Suenosdejmi's “my New Years Resolution is to spend quality time with poetry.”

CorkysCookies “This year, with our impending move to the U.S. fast approaching in April, I wanted to focus on making up the outfits that I've been putting off last year. I'm shutting down my fabric shop in order to devote more time to sewing up the fabrics pictured here.”

Check out each listing, by clicking on each name, for more info about each resolution. And don’t forget to VOTE!


Tabmade said...

All of them look so good! :D

Anonymous said...

I like Holly's.

Holly! said...

Thanks whatshername!!!!

If anyone else has trouble w/ the poll thingy, feel free to post your vote here :).

Corky said...

I love Jamie's!

Martha said...

What a great idea!
I liked them all. Specially "confidence" and the one of the woman who decided to start yoga again, to soothe her back pain.
good luck to you all.

Juicy Pop! said...

I like Hollys!!

Juicy Pop! said...

I like Hollys!

wendy said...

I like Hollys too, cus hey he looks like a hoot from my studio. And the photo is just really cool.

Holly! said...

Thanks Juicy!!!

Holly! said...

Don't forget to vote in the poll thingy at the top of the page. Votes down here don't count

J-Mi said...

Final votes:

cagedbirdsings: 20-18%
Hollystott: 30-27%
Jbirkemeierphoto: 17-15%
suenosdejmi: 30-27%
corkyscookies: 14-12%


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