Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Owl Spotlight: suenosdejmi: Owlie Rendez-Vous

In August, I took a trip to meet some fellow Owlies (yep, yep!!).

Kristen of KnitandPearl and I flew out to Denver to spend a weekend with Amanda of PresentsforPirates. We planned the trip forever, and when it came time for me to get in the car to go to the airport it didn't seem real.

I was *sooo* nervous to meet them in person. I've known Kristen online for over two years now, and Amanda for at least a year, but meeting someone in person is so much different. What if they realized I'm the biggest dork ever, and allowed that to stop them from liking me?

I left around 2 am to go to Nashville to get on a direct flight to Denver, and got there around 8 am local time. I spent a bit of time in the airport by myself, then Amanda came out to meet me. We people stalked for a while before Kristen arrived, and then stalked her around baggage claim before she realized who we were. :) After meeting Santa in the airport parking garage (thanks Santa for giving Amanda her car back!) we were off!

Since we're crafty girls, we had several crafty things planned for the weekend. We went to Ceramics in the City (great place, two thumbs way up!) and hand-painted some ceramics. The place doesn't charge a studio fee, so we got to sit around all afternoon and paint our pieces. The we left them there, where they were fired, sealed, and then the next week in the mail on the way to us. Amanda painted a Pirate Mug, Kristen painted a Whore tea cup and saucer, and I painted a little blowfish (Hootie). Here are some fun before pictures.

Man's Pirate Cup

Kristen's Whore Cup

Hootie, my blowfish (the shop named him that, not me!)

I don't have a good after picture of Hootie or Kristen's Whore Cup yet, but Amanda so kindly provided me an after-shot of her Pirate Mug. I had never painted ceramics before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The colors turned a lot darker, the surface somewhat glossy, and the before pieces all had a powdered feel to them that doesn't exist now.

We also took a scenic tour of the local area craft stores, hitting up a local yarn store, then a Joanns and a Michaels. We got yarnie goodness, and some scrapbooking supplies so Man could help Kristen learn to spell and I make project journals. This is a pretty bad picture, but it's my project journal. I've never really made anything paper crafty either, and well, Man did all the binding work, but I'm still proud of using those stamps! :)

We also did some touristy good fun stuff, and I'd say overall I really liked the little look I got at Colorado, and had a rockin' good time with my fellow Owlies. Where shall we go next, girls?

Myself, Man, and Kristen at Red Rocks, where we tried to sneak into a concert went to see the view. There's more pictures and random fun on my blog and also on Facebook.


TattieTats said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I adore diy pottery studios.

katrina and the king said...

I would love to buy that pirate cup :)

raynae said...

What a great idea! Who thought of that? That would be super fun, and I've always thought those pottery studios looked fun. Looks like you guys had fun! Glad to hear! Hurray for Owlie love!


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