Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Owlies in the New Year

Hey! I bet you're wondering where we are and what we're doing!

Well, we're gearing up for 2010!

(but you're thinking it's already 2010, right?, sure you are!)

So, what we're doing is taking some new members, we got a pretty big batch for January, so shout outs to new members:
hooksandeyes , enoreelapo, bumperstickersnmore bonfires radicalrecycks  ritascreationsonEtsy 

We're gearing up to have a Valentine's Day Challenge with a Twist, so watch for more info on that soon! Also, we're hopefully going to have some new Owlie bloggers coming up! Yay!


MAB Jewelry said...

Hi, new Owlies! And happy new year to all.

IckyDogCreations said...

Hooray for new Owls! Woot woot!

1Aeon said...

yeah! go owls!!!

1Aeon said...

yeah !go owls!


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