Friday, October 16, 2009

Hooters Promotion Club (HPC)

The HPC (Hooters Promotion Club) was an idea crafted by AndreaTedford that would focus on promoting one person at a time in a spotlight fashion. We ran a round of this back in the summer where each member who signed up had a week worth of promoting!

This time, we decided to do it a bit quicker, so each person who signed up gets two days. This weekend, the HPC'er is Bumblebirch. Love yarn?  (I'm drooling...)  Check out her Yarn and Tea club! Also available in smaller portions sans tea.

Other HPC'ers that have been featured so far this round are:

Zemphira makes gorgeous fabric creations, everything from coffee cup cozies to craft aprons to adorable plush owlies like this little guy here:

Weiopensecret feature a wide variety of accessories, including these ChooChoo the Owl luggage tags.

Chester the Jerboa from Inkypaws is just dying to go home with you. Isn't he adorable?

Squarejane was our first HPC'er this round, and she's made of awesome. And so is Maggie.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on the Owls being featured in the HPC, and you can always see the current Owl being highlighted by looking at the Etsy Mini on the top-right of the blog. We'll be featuring different Owls every few days throughout October and November.

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