Monday, October 12, 2009

October Challenge Winner!

The results were close, but we have a winner!!

Congrats to Squarejane for rockin' the October challenge! Total votes were 58, and 16 of those went to the poo! Prayingforfall came in a close second with 12 votes, trailed by Ickydogcreations with 11 votes, and mabjewelry and blackcatmima with 9 votes.
You have won the eternal glory of being awesome, and well, there are all sorts of poo jokes I could make here....

Stick with us, audience, as we get closer to our November challenge, Holiday season excitement and the fantastic deals that come with it! We're also working on getting our blog back up and running daily, so we hope you'll come read it! Yes, come read it!


MAB Jewelry said...

You can't fight the power of poop! Yay, squarejane!

prayingforfall said...

Yay poo!

BlackCatMima said...

None of us stood a chance against that poop.


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