Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Owls Find Halloween Costumes!

PrayingforFall has put together this lovely OwlFinds list for those of you out there still looking for that perfect Halloween costume.

Keep it funky with this Hulk Hogan costume from Thrills

Got Gnomes? You could have one of your very own with this adorable child's gnome costume from Uniquery

For you sushi lovers out there, Sushibooties makes it possible for you to bring your pooch along to that Halloween event! Sushi Dog Costume

Go Corpse Bride with this gown from axoloti

Feeling too lazy to dress up but want boatloads of candy? Buttonhead has the perfect solution for you.


MAB Jewelry said...

What a great collection. I never knew writing out your head could get you candy!

prayingforfall said...

Beep Beep! Neato! ;)


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