Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wendy Does Crochet!

One of our original Owls, Wendy, was featured on a crochet & knitting website. Lime & Violet is the ultimate paradise for all lovers of yarn, the site covers a variety of things yarn to shops to knitting and crocheting patterns. In the case of Wendy, Lime & Violet featured one of her crochet patterns on their blog. This is a pretty big deal, and we're very proud of Wendy! The pattern looks great, and I for one can't wait to try it!

Learn all about how exactly Wendy does crochet and a whole lot more at her blog, and visit her Etsy Shop if you want to check out some of her other patterns. Good job, Wendy!!


NoraAnne said...

Congrats, Wendy on being featured on the Lime & Violet blog! That's awesome!

knitandpearl said...

Woo! Go Wendy!

Holly! said...

Congrats Owls. You have received a Blog Award!!!!! You can check out my blog for more info!


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