Monday, September 29, 2008

Owl Spotlight--HollyStott

Have you ever started a project and then like 2 or 3 months later you haven't finished it and it stresses you out. Well, this rarely happens to me, but in the case of this bracelet it happened. I started this bracelet several months ago in preparation for the fall. It sat unfinished in my art room for a very long time. All the while it was sitting in the back of my mind...."you have to finish that bracelet." It was actually stressing me out a bit. I have no idea why. There is no deadline or requirement that is forcing me to bead. However, I decided to make my own finish the bracelet before today so I could blog about it. So I did it! Finally! I finished it yesterday and here it is....

I know this is a totally lame post, and I do apoligize. I'm sure I'm boring everyone, but I have an excuse. As most of you know, I'm a law student, and every moment of every day is more or less dedicated to something about school. Most of my days are usually reading (what feels like hundreds of pages) Contracts, Property Law, and Torts. As you can imagine this is a very boring semester. The only semi interesting course is Torts.

So anyways, I don't have any free time and so therefore I have no life outside of school and Etsy. So I don't have anything else to blog about. I'm sorry. I'm a dull person. Maybe when I graduate I will be allowed to have a life.

My next goal is actually getting this listed on Etsy! hahaha! That is a feat in itself. My goal is to have it listed tonight. So if you happen to be interested check out my shop at and hopefully it will be there tonight!

Thanks for reading!

I'm Holly Stott, and I approve this message.


lalalajanessa said...

haha Holly, you rule!

Want to hear something weird/creepy? I have those same porcelain discs in blue, and they have been sitting around my bead boxes since the beginning of summer as well! I've tried to pout them into several designs, again for fall because I have a matching blue leaf, but nothing ever turns out well! And, the buggers are uneven in the inside, so it's hard to get a bead in the middle I like... Anywho, minus the law school part, I feel your pain sista!

beornica said...

those are the YUMMIEST colors. Mmmmmmm. Beautiful piece. Glad you finally completed it! I always have a few ufo's bangin' around myself. Once in a great while I go on a spree and completely throw out the ones that are hopeless and unrescuable. But I know how you feel - when you finally do finish one that you'd just about given up hope on, it feels ohhhhh how good.


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