Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owl Spotlight: KatsCozyKrafts

Kathie Brechbuhler has been on Etsy for a year. Her shop is needlework of all types. The name of her shop is Kats Cozy Krafts. She goes by Kat online. She is a retired Spanish teacher living in Allen, Texas. She found out about Etsy from a friend who works at Hobby Lobby. She said I loved to sew so much I should get on Etsy and show off my projects. So I did.

She recently joined the Owls. She waited to join and is glad you chose her! She enjoys our challenges sooo much she doesn't do regular shop projects anymore. They're boring compared to what you all come up with. She is a buyer and a seller. She does cross stitch, crochet, punch needle embroidery, counted cross stitch and other crafts on linens and afghans, hats, scarves, pins, magnets, pin cushions and more.

Her proudest piece to date is her counted cross stitch of the girl and the goose "Love is Blind" It's her first "counted" cross stitch and she struggled with it and swore she'd never do another one. Bet there are a few of you who felt the same way the first time. But she's working on a second. Another precious moments design of two young sweethearts. It's going better. For one thing she's using 12 gauge Aida fabric. The smaller the number the fewer the holes and the easier to see. Even so, she still uses a standing magnifying glass to do it. She entered her "Love is Blind" in the Owls Summer Color challenge. She's really proud of it.

She has a new blog that's bare. She hasn't had time to get it together with all her travels this summer and the many challenges she's been getting ready for. Etsy Tx has had four she's finished this summer besides ours on the Owls. Anyone who has talent with blogskins, let her know, please.

Here are some recent pics of her travels to Chicago and SanFrancisco and of her pups and of course her hb. Also, her cross stitch she's so proud of.

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