Friday, August 7, 2009

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Switching Crafting Gears

Unfortunately, I'm known for not having the best "follow through" if you will. I have a habit of starting projects, and not finishing them. Or getting bored with projects and wanting to do something else.

I've recently fallen into the later. I'm absolutely bored with sewing (for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here.) It's bound to hit everyone at some point, to certain degree. So what do you do? Or at least, What did I do?

I found something else that interested me. I knew how I got bored easily from the start and didn't corner myself into one type of project, which was nice.As I started to get bored, I realized I had other things that I liked doing. I realized that I had dozens of old art drawings and prints from college, that I in all honesty I had no intention of doing anything with. I then worked to turn all these prints into ACEOS (Art Cards Editions and Originals )

While I have no intention to stop sewing things out of tshirts (I've got too large of stock to do that) switching to something different for a while had been the break I needed. Don't be afraid to try something different for a short time (or long time if you so choose.) It can be quite refreshing!


KLBK said...

I have that same exact follow through problem! I just now found our blog! (so behind the game!)

J-Mi said...

I have a whole pile of "in-progress" projects, I have such a short attention span!

TattieTats said...

I have a short attention span, too. I like your idea of making ACEOs with things you had already done. I have a bunch of old photographs just "laying" around my computer.

J-Mi said...

Wonder if my photography would take to an aceo? I don't know enough about them to know if basic photography's really an aceo or not. I wouldn't want to pretend it was if it wasn't. :)


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