Friday, February 20, 2009

Owl Spotlight, PresentsforPirates: brought to you by the letter "m"

yo ho. man from presents for pirates here.

i was initially thinking i would share a photo of my studio and why sometimes it's hard for me to get projects done, but then i remembered how embarrassed my sweet little husband gets when people see what a hellish sty we live in. packrat? no. i just really love stuff. did any of you see that special on TLC about hoarders? john almost couldn't watch it because i'm pretty sure he's certain i'm about 10 years and 37 umbrellas away from that.

quick! five things you didn't know you didn't know about me:
i am a gocco virgin.
i loathe closed toe shoes.
i was the editor of my high school literary magazine.
i own three old typewriters, two digital cameras, six polaroid cameras, four 35mm cameras. and a camera phone. (i told you, i love stuff!)
my favorite food is green chile.

five things you might know about me:
i am a leo.
i want babies. soon.
i eat peanut butter like it's going out of style.
i would never want to be a pilot.
i collect blank notebooks.

five things you should know about me:
i am the messiest control freak you know.
i will tell you why the way you're driving is wrong and bothering me.
i love and collect all things piratey.
i discriminate against no paper.
i am ridiculously sensitive sometimes.

i work as a loan coordinator during the day and even then i constantly find myself writing sticky notes to myself about ideas for craft projects. i love the idea of trying to do something creative everyday, but sometimes by the time i come home from work, i'm just tired. i did make this in an attempt to not a) lose all my sticky notes and 2) lose all my ideas.

my new goal for this year is to be craftier more often and get involved more with the etsy community. here's hopefully the first step in the right direction!

happy crafting!


J-Mi said...

I'm kinda ocd in the rest of the world and at home i like to pile things, but i'm still ocd about the piles. lol.

the real question is, how many umbrella do you currently own?

presentsforpirates said...

technically i own one umbrella. but i think it's lost somewhere. not in my house, perhaps in my car. or perhaps it ran away and joined the umbrella circus. i may never really know.

knitandpearl said...

I love this girl. I wish I could marry her.

There. I said it. Stop judging me.

Holly! said...

awww you are a very cute pirate!!!

lalalajanessa said...

Probably the bestest blog post I have read in, like, forever. Seriously. :)

J-Mi said...

okay, if you only own one umbrella, then you're good because you have a while before they take over your life. lol!

stripeymonkey :) said...

i'm scared of umbrellas - whats that all about!!! :)

love the little ideas book - i want one(or maybe i need more!) great post xx :)

squarejane said...

you would love my pirate jacket and real sword and hat then! i don't know if you've considered this but i think pirates MUST wear closed toed shoes.

i adore pirates and pirate history too... thanks for sharing with us!


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