Monday, February 9, 2009

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The Once-A-Day Listing Resolution

I make scarves and other crochet accessories, like gloves and bags. Even if I work diligently on an item, it takes several days for me to make a new item and get it listed. Sometimes I get in these crafting frenzies where I make several things within the span of a few days but I might not have time to take pictures and list them, and usually when I do I end up listing them all at once.

Well, this frenzy, I decided to try and pace myself, and list one item once a day, and keep crafting to stay an item ahead, so there will always be something to list the next day. Doing this helps with exposure because every day you get a new item in the huge pile that is the Etsy search engine (which is by default listed by newest items first)

So, I got on a crafting binge and made a purse and two scarves within a few days of each other. I took pictures of two of them and listed the first item on this past Friday, which was this
awesome blue and red-orange scarf pictured above! I was so excited to get something listed, AND I still had a purse and another scarf left to list!

Saturday's listing was another scarf, the one pictured on the right, a soft, plushie mix of green and purple with some awesomely thick fringe on the ends. Though definitely not as cool as the first scarf, I still like it.

Saturday I also got some yarn I had purchased in the mail, some soft, white sparkley Wool Ease, and was so excited by it that I whipped up some impromptu fingerless armwarmers! I worked on them all evening Saturday and then Sunday too and managed to get them up just before midnight on Sunday!

I'm so in love with these gloves, and they furthered my quest to keep listing 1 item a day until I fail. :) At this point, since I added an extra item, I still had a purse and a scarf to list.

Today's item was the purse, the really cool retro granny square bag pictured stage right. I still have another scarf to list tomorrow, and am working on another scarf right now that I hope to finish tomorrow evening...but the ultimate question is How long can I keep this up???

Wish me luck!

The voice behind suenosdejmi is Jamie. She's a 20-something who loves yarn and crocheting scarves...tons and tons of scarves. Aside from making scarves, she's also part of dreambirdphotos where she sells her pictures she took in Spain and other photo items and piratesdreamofpearls where she sells destash supplies. She's also one of the admins for Etsy Owls. You can find her on her own blog here or on Twitter at jmilovesowls

Thanks for reading!


raynae said...

LOVE the blue and orange scarf and the retro granny square bag. Good for you for listing one a day! That's a pretty tough resolution. I am definitely NOT that brave. Good job on your great stuff and good luck!

stripeymonkey :) said...

great post j-mi.. i'm sooo tempted by the blue and orange scarf!! and i love the granny square bag and sparkly mitts :)

your doing fab.. i tried the one a day thing once too but only managed about 5 days.. but it sure feels good when your doing it! your doing brilliantly :) keep it up xx

knitandpearl said...

That purse is AWESOME!!! I want one! :) LOL

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

I'm trying to do the same thing myself, it's tough! Good luck!


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