Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Owl Spotlight, lovealisa

I always feel self-centered when tooting my own horn. So here I am, In the spotlight. It’s a little bright, but I think I can handle it!

My Name is Alisa Marie of
LOVEALISA and I joined these OWLS for a couple of reasons:

(This is no particular order):

  • I love owls.

  • I was new to ETSY, and wanted to feel connected in this big ETSY world.

  • I needed sales (When I joined the OWLS, I had 6 sales in as many months).

  • I’m a little off the wall (my husband might say nerd…)

  • I need friends.

  • Reasons I LOVE being on the OWLS team:

  • I still love owls.

  • I have so many fantastic artists and ETSY experts that are so willing to give me advice and bounce creative energy off of.
  • Since December, I’ve have had 20 sales, and 4 custom orders! Is it due to the OWLS? (Well, you can’t deny the actuaries.)

  • These girls are truly off-the-wall, and so much fun.

  • I found friends.

I know those 25 Random Facts are going around blogs and facebook, I thought I would use that as a basis for you all to get to know me and my shop here in the spotlight!

Facts about my Shop and my craftyness:

  1. ETSY has fine tuned my ability to complete projects. (see my closet at my mom’s house for the boneyard of forgotten and abandoned craft projects.)
  2. I like making lists (as you can tell)

  3. I am a complete and total nerd.
  4. I made my family member’s tote bags and jersey scarves for Christmas. It was the first time I used a sewing machine.

  5. I have been saving up for a sewing machine.

  6. My husband says that I can use some of our tax return to supplement the rest of my sewing machine fund!!!! I GET A SEWING MACHINE!

  7. I plan on geeking up my shop. This includes more: Geometry , Pi jokes, formulas, computer disks, binary code… and so on.

  8. I plan on getting boy stuff up in my shop: I have entirely too much girly baby stuff. But recently a lot of my friends have baby boys and are asking what a made for their boys.

  9. I plan on expanding my embroidery in my shop: so much I am hoping to expand my products to adult scarves and other embroidered projects

  10. I have a few items in my jewelry section, but I will probably stop selling them and take them down when they expire, so I can focus on more fabrics.

  11. I get my creativity from my mom but my precision and math skills from my engineering dad.

  12. I will probably be fine tuning my shop to get my best products out there.

Facts About Me, Alisa!

  1. I teach Math. For Junior Highers.
  2. I tend to procrastinate……. Ok, you got me, I have perfected the art of procrastination.

  3. I watched all six Star Wars movies in one day (see #3 above)

  4. I follow ashton kutcher and demi moore on twitter, and I don't really know why... but I can't bring myself to un-follow.

  5. I love to talk to newscasters like they are my friends (this includes local and national) example: I truly believe that Chuck Todd and I would be best friends if we ever met.
  6. I am NOT crazy (see #5)

  7. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. (no pets and no kids yet).
  8. Every Friday night is "Chipotle Night" with my Tad. Even the manager at Chipotle knows this and gives me a great big “HELLO HOW ARE YOU!” Then she asks what salsa i want. (I suspect she already knows.)
  9. I passed the algebra/number theory & geometry/stats CSETS (each is a four hour standards test), which I'm quite proud of. What makes me MORE proud is that I did that with out paying for ANY books/classes/kits/tutoring. Just free on line sources.
  10. When I leave on a long trip, I always have to gas up on pump #8 or suffer a hardship along the way.
  11. I hate cleaning. I hated cleaning my room. In college in order to curb this hatred, my roomies and I made up a special Cleanest Roomie Award complete with an old bowling trophy. And every month our RD would come and judge out respective areas.

  12. I married a clean freak (see #10).

  13. I have a etsy, a blog, a twitter a facebook, but I refuse to get a myspace.

Alisa Marie McPherson

Alisa is the heart and soul behind LoveAlisa where she makes gorgeous onesies for baby as well as sweet bookmarks perfect for your favorite sweetheart! She can also be found on blogger or on Twitter @lovealisa

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