Friday, June 26, 2009

Owls Spotlight: Holly's Finds

Today is my day to create a post but since my life is soooo boring I couldn't think of anything fun and personal to write about. So instead I decided that I would write about some of my absolute favorite finds on Here is my list for the most awesomeness most fabulous finds on!

1. The coolest little ninja I have ever seen. I just LOVE ninjas! This ninja was made by

2. Next up is this glamorous to die for cocktail ring. I love the style of this ring. I love that it is simple, elegant, and really shiny. I know that sometime in the future I will own one of's glorious rings!

3. Did someone say MUSTACHE? I think mustaches are sooo funny. That is why this Mr. Pringles Mustache necklace by is number 3 on my list.

4. If there is one animal that will always put a smile on my face it's a hedgehog! must have read my mind when they created this absolutely adorable Hedgehog t-shirt.

5. Anyone that knows me knows that there is and will always be a special place in my heart for all animals (big or small, fluffy or scaly), this is why I had to feature on my list. RescueMeTugz not only makes super fun toys and collars for dogs, but this seller donates 100% of the proceeds to Great Dane Rescue. Since I have three puppies I always go to RescueMeTugz for all my puppy accessories!

1 comment:

J-Mi said...

I really love Beladonna! She makes the cutest little kokeshi dolls, and her ninjas are cute too! Great stuff!


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