Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stellar Seller: BirdNestsandPaper

This week's Stellar Seller is BirdNestsandPaper. Her shop is somewhat accurate to what her title suggests; it actually reminded me of a tour through that unknown supply box. Just what you'll find is unknown, but you're guaranteed to find something awesome! She was nominated by BlackCatMima, who recommended her shop to us, so we'd like to share her with you! Read the interview, check out her shop, and also, check her blog out at

Tell us and the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share...

Well - I am really excited to be invited to participate on this blog! Thank you blackcatmima! I am an assemblage and collage artist living in San Diego. I have two lovely grown daughters, an awesome step-son and a goofy-yet-loving husband. I am lucky to have a working studio that I share with two other crazy artists, and I run the Etsy business from a home studio (do I need to say that it seems to spill over into every room!) – so fun!

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I heard about Etsy when a friend started selling her crocheted mice, so I have been shopping for several years. And, it was absolutely love at first site! Now the experience of selling on Etsy is even better than shopping (if that’s possible) – all the people that I “meet” and the connections made - wow! I am completely convinced that each of us makes a difference in the lives of other artists every time we post on a blog, sell or buy something on Etsy, respond to a convo, or offer a tutorial. I am so grateful to be part of this growing community.

How do thrift stores fall into your Etsy business and do you have a local favorite?

I don’t know what I would do if people stopped getting rid of all these treasures! Yikes! I go to thrift stores all the time – there are several in San Diego – but my favorite is AMVETS near Pacific Highway. I ALWAYS find something there. And I think it is fun for people who shop on Etsy to know that I really hunt and search for the one-of-a-kind goodies that get posted in the shop. Not only do I resell some items, but I also use much of what I find in my own artwork.

Describe yourself in 1 word: compulsive

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying? Art Saves Lives (from an art magazine in the 80’s) it saved mine!
website or blog, other than Etsy! – Love this blog recently she moved her studio to her home and STILL managed to keep creating these perfect stuffed toys – I continue to be inspired by her dedication.

book and/or author? I adore reading – mainly a fiction gal – and anything where a mystery must be solved! Currently loving anything by Donna Leon because the mysteries are all set in Venice and she describes the long Italian lunches in such delicious detail!

song/music artist? Oops - I rely on my husband, John, to find music for me and put it on my ipod – sad, huh. I blame my upbringing which was a combination of Classical music and Herb Alpert / Tijuana Brass. I am a sucker for anything by U2.

Etsy seller? I would love to list all of the fantabulous shops that I see and experience. Pretty sure I am not the first person to say that! Here is one of my favs - a great artist that proves all those cast offs are being put to good use – for a while I thought I might keep some of my old sweaters and try my hand at . . . never mind!
Thanks, so much, for letting me ramble! Have fun creating!

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BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

Yaaaaay!!!! Birdsnestsandpaper is absolutely one of my favorite Etsy shops to plunder through - go shopping, owlies!


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