Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Contest Winner: HollyStott!

Our June Challenge ended Monday and the winner was HollyStott!

The winning item, an upcycled mosaic piece, is still for sale in Holly's shop. Also, Holly has entered Etsy's Handmade Moment contest with the precious video on the right (that also just happens to feature all of our June challenge entries at the end, yay us!). So, show Holly some love and go watch her video on the Etsy.Tv website . She'll move on to the finals if enough people watch her video, so go watch it and share it with your friends!!

July's challenge will bring something new and unique for the team, as we've decided to team up with another team for this one! The Owls and the Spanglish team will be joining forces to create some awesome Frida Kahlo themed items! The challenge will be hosted here on our blog, and will work the same way as our normal challenges do, only will include participating members from the Spanglish team as well. This challenge will be on Frida's birthday, July 6th, so stay tuned for the awesomeness!

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