Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stellar Seller: CurlyClips

This week's Stellar Seller is CurlyClips who makes the gorgeous hair clips and felt food shown below! Enjoy the interview and click the Mini to see her shop!

Tell us and the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share...

I am a full time graphic designer and mother of 2 that is sleep deprived and stays up all night to create with my hands. An escape from my keyboard and mouse. ;-)

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I first heard about Etsy from a very close friend whom suggested I list my crafts. Then after hearing more about it from online crafty groups I was convinced it was the place for me. Now I find myself shopping online even more.

How did you get into making felt food?

I had seen photos online of felt foods and knew it was something I could create myself. From there I was hooked and loved to see my daughter’s face when she saw my creations.

Describe yourself in 1 word: symmetrical – everything has to be just right.

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying? I am always caught saying “seriously?” I feel like I question everything and everyone.

Dessert – anything with chocolate and raspberries in the title. A divine pairing.

book and/or author? – not much of a reader unfortunately. Just blogs and email.

holiday? Birthdays! You can’t go wrong with being with loved ones, singing off key and eating cake

Etsy seller? Tough one….I have a bunch: littlealouette – love items in their natural state (unpainted), redhotpottery (those little bird vases are absolutely adorable), and reiter8 – I grew up racing sailboats as a kid so this material is very dear to me.

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