Saturday, June 27, 2009

Owl Spotlight: BlackCatMima

The summer heat is here and my favorite way to cool off is to jump into my neighborhood pool for a refreshing swim. Ahhhh - the cool water quenching your hot and sweaty skin, sounds of happy children playing, the smell of the chlorinated waters and sunblock in the air ... it's the ultimate summer experience to me!

I live in a townhouse subdivision in the Chicago suburbs and the subdivision pool is literally right across the street from my house. All summer long, right from my front porch, you can hear the music playing, the children laughing and the water splashing. This is just one of the many reasons that I absolutely love summer!

Another great way to cool off - stay inside your air conditioned home and shop on Etsy of course! Go grab some lemonade or iced tea and let's go see what we can find . . .

all items found searching "cool water" on

Wishing everyone a fun and safe summer. Remember - stay cool, and shop handmade!

Visit BlackCatMima's Etsy Shop or check out her blog or other appearances on the Owls blog!

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