Monday, August 31, 2009

Owl Spotlight: Taw0106

I started making jewelry a few years ago. I would go to horse shows and pay outrageous prices for bracelets or earrings and one day I got to thinking I can do this. So I did.

I have come a long way from just stringing beads. I have fallen in love with right angle bead weaving. I took a class on wire, and I'm so excited to make my own earring wires now!

I have been very busy this past summer. I was commissioned by two different wedding parties to do jewelry for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids. I even did jewelry for the mother of the bride and the groom in one of the weddings. I love what I do and I love learning new things.

I also love being a part of the OWLS. Etsy has opened up a new world of creativity for me.

Editors Note: Trish can be found at Taw0106 Have some Etsy Mini love.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owls August Travel Challenge

Kudos to SquareJane who came up with the theme for this month's challenge. The objective is simple: Make an item that reflects your favorite travel destination.

Vote for your favorite item in the poll on the left. Votes will be taken for one week, and the item with the most votes on the 31st will be this month's challenge winner.

Thanks to all of you travelling Owls who entered the contest, and good luck to all! Individual item listings can be seen by clicking on the names below.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Etsy Owls Trunk Show participants and Specials

Hey! These were the specials offered during the Etsy Owls trunk show. Most sellers are offering these for a while, so convo and ask! *especially* if you were at the show!

I recommend convoing to ask before purchase to confirm you were at the show. Otherwise you might not get the deal.

suenosdejmi 50% off total shop if you were at show, convo!
knitandpearl 25% off total shop with trunk show code, convo!
hollystott 20% off total shop, convo first to see if she's still offering!
lalala08 buy 3 items, get free US shipping until the 23rd
gypsyeye 20% off earrings and hair accessories until the 23rd
andreatedford free worldwide shipping
squarejane 15% off until 9/9/09 with the trunk show code, so convo her first!
inkypaws free us shipping for people at the show, convo her first!
remixstudio free us shipping if you were at the show, convo first!
presentsforpirates free us shipping, free INT over $15, convo first!

Trunk Show Giveaway Prize Packages

These are the prize packages available to win during the Etsy Owls Trunk Show tonight in Etsy's Virtual Labs. These prizes will be given away with trivia questions throughout the show. The show starts at 7:00 pm eastern time, be there or be square!

Thanks to all Owls members who donated the awesomeness below.

General info:

Most prize packages shown here come with postcards or a photo from dreambirdphotos even if it's not shown in the photo. Packages that include cards will say so in the description. Also, some packages also include items that are not pictured, such as gift certificates from sellers. These will be delivered by the sellers via convo.

Prize package that contain soap: Soaps are made with goat's milk base and scented with macha tea. For more questions concerning soaps, contact gypsyeye

Prize package 1 (above): Pouch and earrings from Hollystott, owl pendant from WeiOpenSecret,
soap from gypsyeye and postcards from dreambirdphotos.

Prize Package # 2 (above): Pouch from Hollystott , earrings from KnitandPearl , and button from WeiOpenSecret Package also includes postcards from dreambirdphotos

Prize Package # 3 (above): Pouch and earrings from Hollystott , soap from gypsyeye, an ACEO from remixstudio, and postcards from dreambirdphotos

Prize Package # 4 (above): Pouch from hollystott, button and tip cards from WeiOpenSecret, soap from gypsyeye, and an ACEO from remixstudio.

Prize Package # 5 (above): Pouch from hollystott, soap and earrings from Gypsyeye, 4x6 photo from dreambirdphotos

Prize Package # 6: (above): Pouch and love monster from Hollystott, 4x6 photo from dreambirdphotos. This package also includes this little guy from inkypaws. Will ship seperately.

Prize package # 7 (above): Pouch and earrings from hollystott, ACEO from remixstudio, gift tags and button from WeiOpenSecret. Also includes postcards from dreambirdphotos.

Prize Package # 8 (above): Pouch and earrings from Hollystott, soap from Gypsyeye, button from WeiOpenSecret. Package also includes postcards from dreambirdphotos and a $5 gift certificate to PresentsforPirates . Gift certificate will be sent via Etsy convo.

Prize Package # 9: A custom business card wallet from Squarejane. Pictured are monster wallets but she'll design anything the winner chooses!

Prize Package # 10: Two gift certificates, a $10 gift certificate to lalala08 and a $5 gift certificate to PresentsforPirates. These will both be sent via Etsy convos.

Prize Package # 11: Two gift certificates, a $10 gift certificate to hollystott and a $5 gift certificate to CocoStIves . These will be sent via Etsy convos.

Prize Package # 12: A $25 gift certificate to KnitandPearl. Winner can choose to receive gift certificate code via convo or be mailed a certificate for gift giving.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Giveaway Time!

**okay no more entries will be accepted from this point on** winners will be picked shortly

In honor of our upcoming Trunk Show, we've decided to host a few giveaways! At the show, we're going to be showcasing some great shops, as well as giving away some merchandise from those shops and other Owl members.

It's only 2 days away, and we're really excited! We're even on the Labs schedule now. The show starts at 7pm Eastern this Wednesday in the Gallery of the Virtual Labs.

To get everyone else excited, we're giving away a few items here on our blog in the next few days. The first item is this bracelet from KnitandPearl

Entering is so simple! All you do is check out some of the participating Trunk Show shops and then comment with your favorite shop or item and tell us why! Also provide an email or an Etsy ID when you post, so we can contact you if you win! These are the shops:

SquareJane presentsforpirates

HollyStott gypsyeye

suenosdejmi inkypaws

knitandpearl luckytwentyone

lalala08 cagedbirdsings

lovealisa remixstudio

If more than 25 people enter by Tuesday night at 10 PM eastern, we'll pick two winners instead of just one and give away another prize! Winner (s) will be contacted by email or Etsy convo Wednesday. Only one entry per person. No Etsy Owls team members may enter. Tell your friends!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Etsy Owls are having their very first Trunk Show Wednesday August 19th from 7:00 to 8:30 Eastern in Etsy's Virtual Labs.

What's a trunk show? In this case, a trunk show is an online craft show, with sellers showcasing a variety of items. Participating sellers will be offering special discounts in their shops, and the team will also be giving away a variety of "door" prizes throughout the show.

It's never too early to get started on holiday shopping or buy yourself a little something special either. :) Avoid the retail madness and support the handmade movement.

For more info:

See participating sellers here

Get info on Etsy's Virtual Labs here

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Owl Finds: Guinea Pigs

In honor of the new animated movie G-Force, I thought I'd find some cute little guinea pigs to share with you! Getting a guinea pig item makes more sense than everyone going out and getting a guinea pig . . .

The featured Etsy sellers are:

Hooray for guinea pigs!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Owl Spotlight: RemixStudio

Switching Crafting Gears

Unfortunately, I'm known for not having the best "follow through" if you will. I have a habit of starting projects, and not finishing them. Or getting bored with projects and wanting to do something else.

I've recently fallen into the later. I'm absolutely bored with sewing (for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here.) It's bound to hit everyone at some point, to certain degree. So what do you do? Or at least, What did I do?

I found something else that interested me. I knew how I got bored easily from the start and didn't corner myself into one type of project, which was nice.As I started to get bored, I realized I had other things that I liked doing. I realized that I had dozens of old art drawings and prints from college, that I in all honesty I had no intention of doing anything with. I then worked to turn all these prints into ACEOS (Art Cards Editions and Originals )

While I have no intention to stop sewing things out of tshirts (I've got too large of stock to do that) switching to something different for a while had been the break I needed. Don't be afraid to try something different for a short time (or long time if you so choose.) It can be quite refreshing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Owl Spotlight: RaynaE

I have really started to hit my stride as a knitter, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I've been knitting and crocheting like a mad woman, and, if I may say so, I've made some pretty darn good stuff. I've really taken a shine to knitting. I think it's my new favorite. :) I always have multiple projects going at the same time so I don't get bored, but I am DETERMINED to finish things. I have this new rule where I can't start a new project until I finish something else. It mostly holds true. I've actually been doing pretty well with it, but I NEED to have more than one project going at a time or else I'll go stir crazy! So below are some of the things I've finished! Hurray for finishing things!

Here we have a bedtime hat modeled by the lovely Pooky Bear. It was crocheted using the finest baby yarn and will flatter your baby's head in every season as well as serving its noble purpose in keeping his or her head cozy warm.

Not modeled by anyone (or thing) but still fabulous are a pair of baby leg warmers. These were knitted with the softest lace yarn in the most vibrant of colors using beautifully handcrafted wooden extremely tiny knitting needles. They were worth the work, however, because baby is sure to be the most stylish in a diaper-padded onesie.

Our model Pooky Bear is now ready for snowtime frolic as he sports his Alaskan wilderness mountain hat. It was crocheted with care and love and the thickest and warmest yarn to be found. Pooky Bear is sure to be the one to enjoy his time in the snow the longest in his cozy ear flaps.

Finally, you will see an amigurumi giraffe to match any baby's jungle-themed room. It is made out of soft cotton yarn and has no hard or sharp parts so your baby can enjoy all his or her time chewing on it until they are ready to chew on something else.

Of course, there are other projects I'm working on, such as a couple baby blankets and a cute little baby sweater. So there's a theme here, right? Baby things... hmmm... well, they're small and awesomely easy and quick to knit or crochet. That's definitely a plus. And they're cute. You can never have too much cute stuff. And... we're pregnant! (my husband and me, that is) And I say we because I'm not letting him off the hook that easy. :)

*No Pooky Bears were harmed in the photographing of these products. As a matter of fact, I couldn't have asked for a more cooperative or cute little model.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Owl Spotlight: GypsyEye Studio

I have decided to begin having a bi-weekly giveaway on my blog. Go check out Gypsy Eye Studio on Etsy , then leave me a comment on my blog about your favorite item and why you adore it. Your comment on my blog enters you into the giveaway. On August 15th I'll randomly choose a name to decide the winner.

Please be sure to leave a way for me to reach you if you're not a Blogspot user (Myspace, email, Twitter, Etsy shop, etc)!

The lucky winner will receive.........

Their own set of Alexis Barrettes and a special surprise from Gypsy Eye Studio.

Editors Note: Please make sure you comment on GypsyEye's blog, not here, if you wish to enter the contest. Comments here will not be entered into her contest. Good luck all!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owl Spotlight: KatsCozyKrafts

Kathie Brechbuhler has been on Etsy for a year. Her shop is needlework of all types. The name of her shop is Kats Cozy Krafts. She goes by Kat online. She is a retired Spanish teacher living in Allen, Texas. She found out about Etsy from a friend who works at Hobby Lobby. She said I loved to sew so much I should get on Etsy and show off my projects. So I did.

She recently joined the Owls. She waited to join and is glad you chose her! She enjoys our challenges sooo much she doesn't do regular shop projects anymore. They're boring compared to what you all come up with. She is a buyer and a seller. She does cross stitch, crochet, punch needle embroidery, counted cross stitch and other crafts on linens and afghans, hats, scarves, pins, magnets, pin cushions and more.

Her proudest piece to date is her counted cross stitch of the girl and the goose "Love is Blind" It's her first "counted" cross stitch and she struggled with it and swore she'd never do another one. Bet there are a few of you who felt the same way the first time. But she's working on a second. Another precious moments design of two young sweethearts. It's going better. For one thing she's using 12 gauge Aida fabric. The smaller the number the fewer the holes and the easier to see. Even so, she still uses a standing magnifying glass to do it. She entered her "Love is Blind" in the Owls Summer Color challenge. She's really proud of it.

She has a new blog that's bare. She hasn't had time to get it together with all her travels this summer and the many challenges she's been getting ready for. Etsy Tx has had four she's finished this summer besides ours on the Owls. Anyone who has talent with blogskins, let her know, please.

Here are some recent pics of her travels to Chicago and SanFrancisco and of her pups and of course her hb. Also, her cross stitch she's so proud of.


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