Saturday, March 7, 2009

Owls Find Googly Eyes!

The theme for this Owl Finds feature was chosen by AmyPanda and she chose all of the items that are pictured. Enjoy!

Mini Me by gjarvisjewelryetc
Captain Zach's Dreadlock Freckle by buttsparkle
Chenille Panda Bear and baby by Shop66
Percival the Purple Hippo Bear Finger Puppet by staceyrebecca
Blinky Hat by AllegedHuman
Googly Eyed Pine Cone Magnets by Hollyrose


knitandpearl said...

I have to admit... I'm a little scared!

Alisa Marie said...

haha!!! This reminds me of Christopher Walker's Googly Eyes Skit on SNL!!!

J-Mi said...

i know. i was too at first, but then buttfreckle made me feel better :)


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