Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay, so I'm going on the record to say I'm NOT a Twilight fan. Really. I'm not. But I keep seeing all of these commercials for the movie, and everyone's talking about it, so I thought I might check and see how much Twilight stuff is out there on Etsy. Turns out there's quite a bit. This Owlfinds is just the tip of the interesting stuff. Okay Fangirls, let the crazy screaming begin!



Holly! said...

I knew you secretly loved it. BTW the movie is actually good.

raynae said...

The movie is awesome! It's on my iPod, and I've watched it about 17 times. :) Highly recommend it. Watch it, Jamie! Everybody's doing it! ;)

luckytwentyone said...

funny, i've noticed that, too, twilight is everywhere! we even have an edward cullen drawing in our store *blushes*


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