Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stellar Seller: SparklePaw

We'd like to welcome back our Stellar Seller feature, the first ever of our blog features! The point of this feature is simple:

We are sellers who love to shop, and we like to share our awesome experiences with the world. So, here we are, sharing our shopping joys. Go! Buy!

The first Stellar Seller this time around is Leslie of
SparklePaw She was nominated by CagedBirdSings who bought the delightful little pocket mirror pictured above as a Christmas present for her sister. Click her shop name to check out her shop, and see the bottom of the interview for more items from her shop!

Tell us and the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share

My name is Leslie and I'm a graphic designer living in San Diego. SparklePaw is a relatively new adventure for me, but I've always loved design, art, crafting, and cute things!

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I met Etsy through a co-worker and it was definitely love at first sight. I've discovered so many amazing artists and crafters since finding Etsy - I can't imagine how I lived without it! My house if filled with stuff from Etsy.

How did you get into making what you make?

I often make little cards for friends' birthdays and such, so once I discovered Etsy, I decided to develop those into a series. I've always loved sweet, friendly animals which I think comes from my time living in Japan as a girl. The stationary and candy is adorned with the most adorable, happy characters!

Describe yourself in 1 word: Pisces

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying? adorable
dessert? grasshopper pie from Baskin-Robbins
magazine? Vanity Fair
song of the moment? The Dazzled (Crystal Stilts)
Etsy seller?


knitandpearl said...

What a great shop! Thanks for introducing me to SparklePaw! :)

SparklePaw said...

Thanks for the feature OWLS! It looks great!

J-Mi said...

You're welcome, Leslie! Thanks for being stellar!

raynae said...

Leslie, your animals are so super cute! I'll be adding you as a favorite... This won't be the last you hear from me! It's a good thing... I love those mirrors. :)

Zemphira said...

So cute! What a fun shop.


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