Sunday, March 22, 2009

Owl Spotlight: Gypsy Eye Studio

Hello fellow Etsians, Gypsy Eye Studio came about by my love of accessories and history. All of my life I have adored the fashion from so many historical eras, and would love to create the same kind of elegance. I always seem to be so fascinated by the textures of vintage fabrics and the intricate craftsmanship of antique jewelry.

Everyday when I get to sit and create new pieces it takes me to by gone days. There is a lot of inspiration from the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco design in the pieces created at Gypsy Eye Studio. So often in the past, such dark design motifs were transformed into beautiful treasures.

Beetles, snakes and spiders are common themes in many Gypsy Eye Studio accessories. I feel that it is important to embrace the beauty in all things. The more unusual, the better. A lot of times through the day we pass up the most exquisite creative influences by only seeing the initial startle they give, but I believe that many other artists, not just myself, would appreciate knowing that we have the same attention focusing factor.

Gypsy Eye Studio is concluding its first fledgling year with Etsy and will be releasing a new line shortly. Stay tuned and visit us at

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