Monday, March 2, 2009

Up & Coming...

In order to get a much more active team blog, we've decided to add a few new features to the blog. In addition to the Owl Spotlights where we have our individual members talk about whatever they want to, we're also working on bringing back our Stellar Seller feature as well. We haven't had a Stellar Seller feature since September, and we're about ready to share some of our awesome purchasing experiences from the holiday season.

We're also adding some brand new features, one feature (that we haven't name yet) will be us highlighting some of our favorite owls on Etsy. As in, real owls. :) The second feature, called Owl Finds, will highlight some items from Etsy that we like that all follow a similiar theme. For example, The Owls Find Trees would show some of our favorite picks that are trees. We're excited about this one as we have a lot of favorite things (and we tend to like similiar things, as teammates) so we're really looking forward to sharing our favorites with the world! So stay tuned!

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