Saturday, March 7, 2009

Owl Spotlight--InkyPaws

Well, given a chance to talk about anything I want, the odds are that I will probably decide to talk about my dog! (Who wouldn't?) I absolutely love dogs, even though I'm slightly allergic to even the "hypo-allergenic" ones, and a lot more allergic to the shedding ones. I was very excited when I got my Shih Tzu, Scrabble, as you might imagine.

Scrabble is a funny dog. He is very un-doglike in a lot of ways - such as:
1. He almost never barks, and certainly never when someone comes to the door!

2. He is deathly afraid of every single dog in the world except one. That one dog happened to be a big, lumbering black lab, and Scrabble was so excited to have finally found the one dog he could dominate!

3. He doesn't wolf his food down. Actually, we have to coax him to eat.

4. He doesn't really like walks. He loves the IDEA of going on a walk, but once you get him out there he acts all pitiful.

The times when he's the most adorable thing ever are usually when he's sleeping. He'll start having some funny dream or something, and he'll make whimpering noises and his legs will twitch. Then, when he wakes up he usually stretches out, and makes all the females in the room go, "Awww he's so CUTE!"

So, there you go. An introduction to my pup, Scrabble!

The voice behind Inky Paws is Chloe, one of our newer and younger Owls. In addition to such talents as freehanding delightful knitted foods, her Etsy shop is full of cute little felted animals, greeting cards, and more. She's also currently on a world-exploring trip that we hope to see tons of photos from!!! She has a previous Owl Spotlight here To find out more about Chloe, you can also visit her blog at


J-Mi said...

omg Sparkle is the cutest dog ever!

executeme said...

Sparkle? Don't you mean Scrabble? :)

Great entry by the way. I love dogs! And I love to play scrabble too, I do it every day!

amypanda said...

oh wow cutest dog EVER! He looks like a little teddy. I'd probably squeeze him to death with love!


Incidentely the word verification thng below says baconco...made me giggle when there's a post about bacon here. bacon co.

J-Mi said...


I'm so dumb. I totally knew that. I'll blame it on having about 4 hours of sleep and a day that started at 7 AM.

Or that I'm a moron.

I would delete it but it's funny.


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