Sunday, May 17, 2009

Etsy 101: Owls Style

In anticipation of our August Trunk Show, we're going to be posting a series of articles all about the Etsy process. These articles will cover everything from the basics of Etsy (how to register, search, and purchase), how to use Paypal, to an indepth look at the Etsy Virtual Labs (where we're having the show).

We'll also be linking to some great resources straight from Etsy, including how-tos and FAQ's.

These will be great resources for anyone who hasn't seen Etsy before, but will also help Etsians who might not be familiar with the Labs be able to enjoy the show! We'll be starting this coming week, so stay tuned!!


Holly! said...

When are we getting more tips?

J-Mi said...

You don't need tips, missy. :P


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