Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Owls find LOST

For those out there who love LOST as much as I do, jamieleto put this owlfinds list together for us all to squee about tonight's LOST season finale. So Squee away, and enjoy it while you can! It'll be a long time until next season! The only thing to tide us over will be items like this on Etsy, watching reruns, and trying to decide just WHO is our favorite character. Feel free to comment with yours!!

Dharma Initiative Lunch Bags by sammo

Lost Numbers Necklace by junedesigns

Locke Mosaic Montage by finalscore

Lost cast pocket mirror by CactusMafia

Kate portrait by OfNatureDesigns

Oceanic 815 (for your neck!) by nakedtile


Alisa Marie said...

AAAkK don't scare me like that...
the finale is on tomorrow (wed night) i just had to google search it to make sure i didn't miss it...

be still my heart. everything is ok.

J-Mi said...

All I have to say is OH MY GOD.

*goes and flails around somewhere

Cindy said...

I didn't even think of looking for these great items. Thanks for opening my eyes to some great and interesting items.


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