Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Owls find Frida!

As in Frida Kahlo. :) I keep it no secret that she's such a favorite of mine, and it came out recently that she's a favorite of several other team members as well. Since today's Cinco de Mayo, we thought we'd pay a bit of hommage to our favorite mujer de México, Frida!

This is a bit different than a normal Owl Finds, and several items are from the same sellers, as there are some shops on Etsy who are all about Frida, and they have awesome stuff. This is also just the surface of the Frida items on Etsy, click here to search through over 1,500 items for your favorites.

Click on any picture for the item on Etsy. :) (Also, watch for our July creative challenge all in honor of Frida!)

I just did a quick search on Frida and this little Moon bun chica popped up. Isn't she adorable??? I think Frida would approve.


This little Frida's modeled after the artist's favorite portrait of Frida. Can you guess which one? (hint, the picture's in the listing too so you can check your answer!)


Six06 is hands down one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and a recent find too! Artist Julie Zarate does some gorgeous work, and Frida's only a small part of her entourage.

Frida's La Caza Azul

La Ultima Fiesta


This shop has Frida gone wild, on jewelry, on mirrors, on everything! And these Frida's are gorgeous too! As if Frida's not enough, she's channeling Picasso too. (part of me just died of total bliss...)

Frida & her Sugar Skulls keychain


CatBoxArtStudio has some very cool Frida items, such as this 2009 desk calendar made from a CD case. How cool is that?

Death Chokes Me Art Pocket Mirror


Minimalista makes some of the coolest Frida-wear out there. She's got Viva La Frida shirts in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Go Frida!

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