Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo, an Etsy Owls Challenge!

We decided to honor Cinco de Mayo by having ourselves a little creative challenge. The theme was simple, all you had to do was make something honoring Mexican or Mexican-American culture. Our last challenge was just a few weeks ago, so due to the shorter creating period we only had 3 owlies enter this challenge, but no worries, because all 3 of them brought awesome stuff to the table.

Check out the entries below and vote for your favorite in the poll on the left. There are two photos per entry.

If you cannot vote in the poll, put your vote in the comments here, but be sure to say the poll doesn't work for you or your vote will not be counted.

LoveAlisa's Cinco De Mayo Clutch:

SquareJane's Cinco de Mayo Taco Earrings


Ickydogcreations Cinco de Mayo with Chihuahua flair

For other fun Cinco de Mayo activities, check out EtsyBaby's Cinco de Mayo Challenge or visit the Spanglish team's blog for the history of the day. Feliz Cinco de Mayo from all of us!


ckminimonster said...

Vote didn't seem to work..love the earrings! Actually, I love everything, but I'm partial to tacos.

Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

Love your challange and I voted!

Goldtone Designs said...

Thank You So Much for posting our EtsyBABY Challenge Link!

EtsyBABY Team Leader

Alisa Marie said...

Things look like voting is moving fast! Get those votes in everyone!

knitandpearl said...

Awesome job, ladies! Love those tacos! :)


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