Monday, May 4, 2009

Owl Spotlight: RemixStudio

So, I’ll be frank, I had some trouble thinking of something to talk about. Moving, nah, I talk about moving 93% of my day, I certainly didn’t want to bore you all with that. Tshirt thrifting, while certainly interesting, I haven’t had many recent adventures doing so, and I couldn’t think of any mild wisdom I could mine anyway. So, other than working, I decided to go over some of my favorite blogs. Yes, some of my favorite blogs. Now, you will notice something—they aren’t really craft related. Nope, off of the top of my head they aren’t at all. But these are blogs I read and they inform my thinking in some way or another.


Cakewrecks is how I’ve learned to laugh so hard I can cry. Really, this blog is all about what happens when you don’t do something well, or, what is better known as people will mock you. Cakes gone so wrong, I can’t help think it’s a reminder for all of us to do whatever we do really, really well. And it’s also a grammar lesson for all of us. (or also on Twitter @cakewrecks)


This is my way of knowing what’s going on in the world. There are a variety (and I do mean variety) of posts, but I enjoy the randomness of it all. There is no way I would hear about half of the movies out there, I am simply just not that hip anymore.

Pioneer Woman

Last, but not least is by far my favorite, Pioneer Woman. Pioneer Woman just won Blog of the Year at the bloggies just a few months ago, but if that’s not reason enough to check her out, let me attempt to summarize what it’s all about. Children, ranches, food, cowboys, sushi, citygirl-meets-cowboy, cows, remodeling, gardening, education, photography, photoshop, giveaways, wild horses,, I could go on. Pioneer's engaging photography and writing style is certainly what drew me in, and I was more than hooked when I realized I friend I knew in college was proposed to through Pioneer Woman’s blog (her fiancé is now officially awesome in my book.) Lastly, Pioneer Woman is a great photographer and has lots of tutorials on both how to take better pictures and how to use photoshop to make your pictures even better. If you have photoshop, don’t forget to download her Photoshop Action Sets, they are an incredibly useful tool!

RemixStudio , also known as Liz, makes awesome bags from t-shirts in addition to some graphic design. Check out her Etsy shop and get to know her a bit better by reading her blog. You can also check out her previous Spotlight (full of design camp adventures) here

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