Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stellar Seller: RememberWynn

This week's Stellar Seller is RememberWynn She has found her niche on Etsy selling handmade labels, guitar picks, custom keychains, and more! She was nominated by SquareJane who purchased some labels and wanted to share her experience. Enjoy the interview and check out her shop!!

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I stumbled across Etsy from fellow sewers (not sewers - euwwww) on but never listed my sewing on here, thought I would, but custom orders from my sister's boutique kept me too busy to make extras. Then when we got the laser, I was so happy I could make my own custom labels, then I thought I would like to share an affordable option with other cottage industries. Every option I could find online had a huge minimum order or set-up fee. The laser aspect has sort of replaced my sewing for the time being - And yes, of course, I love it!!!

How are you inspired to create?

I gather inspiration from everywhere! Anything old, anything new - which most new stuff is a take from the old - everything goes!

Describe yourself in 1 word: easy going, nope 2 words - laid back, still 2 words - hmmmm - stumped!

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying?
love movie quotes, and a lot that no one but my daughter would get - we mix our words and parts of words within sentences (that often get repeated a million times)

dessert naner puddin' but the good old fashioned baked kind!

holiday? I love Thanksgiving for it's simplicity of focusing on family time with out any pressures of gifts and of course the food!!!

Etsy seller? I appreciate all crafts and arts! There is no way to pick a favorite! Even on a local level of a school craft fair, people's creativity amazes me!

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