Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Autism Awareness with the Owls!

April Is Autism Awareness Month, as we talked about last week, and in honor of that, we're trying to do a little something extra to help out.

One of our members, lalala08 is participating in Autism Speaks' Walk Now For Autism in her hometown of Lehigh Valley, PA coming up soon and we thought that would be a great cause to contribute to! So, some of our members are donating items to the team shop at OfftheWall and we're giving 100% of the profits from those items directly to the Lehigh Valley Walk!

The donations from our team members keep coming in, and each one is as gorgeous as the last. These are some BEAUTIFUL pieces. There's a wide variety of items, including crochet, felt, drawings, photography, jewelry, and more!
Most items are autism themed by either having a puzzle piece, using primary colors, or both.

Also, Etsy members who have a loved one impacted by autism might be interested in joining Etsy for Autism They are a great team and support network of Etsy sellers impacted by varying forms of autism and autism related disorders.

Follow this link to learn more about Autism and what you can do to help

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