Thursday, April 2, 2009

Owls Spotlight, LuckyTwentyOne

Luckytwentyone has been on Etsy for almost two months and we are hooked. As the general "shopkeep", I (Andrea) do the research, promotion and any other business portion of running the store. Justin is the main artist, creating the items and concepts. Together, we are luckytwentyone. Though we are new to Etsy, I feel like we have already gone through different "chapters" of evolution as artists selling their fare.

We sell on and off Etsy, but our Etsy store has been our main avenue for sales. We hope to transform our shop into a full-time business for Justin. It's been his life dream to be an artist for a living. At this time we sell ink drawings and both acrylic and oil paintings but we hope to expand very soon. Our store is almost exactly a 50/50 ratio of drawings and paintings. Custom requests are always welcome - I feel like we are always working on something for someone and it is a lot of fun!

We will be adding sculptures, ink drawing notecard sets and ACEOs in the near future, so watch for that! We will offer anyone who makes a purchase after reading this blog FREE shipping (domestic OR international) on any item in the store by just mentioning you saw us in this article.

LuckyTwentyOne is a first for us as a team, they are 50% male! Though Andrea's really the active member of our team, Justin's part of the gang too! Be sure to check out their shop for more of their great artwork, the items pictured in this article are just the beginning!!!

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