Monday, April 20, 2009

April Rain Challenge

The theme of our April's Challenge was to create based on a word. The team submitted words and then we voted, and 'rain' won the most votes. So, several team members submitted rainy items :) See them all here or check out the end of the post for the individual item links on Etsy.

To vote for your favorite, use the poll on the left. Voting will go for 1 week.

Important: Some voters have problems with the Blogger poll. If it doesn't work for you, please post your vote in the comments on this post. Be sure to let us know that the poll didn't work for you when you post or your vote will not be counted!!

Here are the item links:

blackcatmima: Rain Cloud Barrette

gypsyeye: Cascade Earrings:

lalala08: Raindrop Earrings:

lovealisa: April Showers Market Tote

shisie: Rainy Days Are For... (wall hanging)

Squarejane: Spring in Vancouver (painting)

WeiOpenSecret: Rain Glass Necklace:


Holly! said...

whoa that was a hard to choose. Great job ladies!

knitandpearl said...

Nice work, Ladies!! I love all of them! :)

Alisa Marie said...

fantastic!!! Everyone's looks soo great!!!

J-Mi said...

You guys all did a great job!


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