Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Granny A Day

One really cool thing about our team is how our mediums are so spread out. Many paint, even if they don't sell it on Etsy. Many crochet, even if they don't always sell it on Etsy.

A few of our fiber loving owls have gotten involved with A Granny A Day. The object is quite simple: crochet a Granny Square a Day.

StripeyMonkey and suenosdejmi (which, incidently, is me!) have both recently joined the group. You can check out all squares on Flickr, in this gorgeous pool of square after square. The slideshow at the end of this post shows them all, as well.

StripeyMonkey recently blogged about her first week of squares, which all follow a gorgeous retro mix of yellows, browns, and purples. You can read all about her experiences with her squares here

I'm taking a different approach with mine, mainly using up a lot of remnant yarns that I've had stashed for a while. It's amazing how much yarn it doesn't take to make a 4x4 granny square, especially if you use more than one color! I've yet to upload mine to the Flickr group yet, but here's where I'm at so far. Follow my square adventures on my blog


stripeymonkey :) said...

yay j-mi :) your squaes are looking good!!!

knitandpearl said...

This is awesome! I wish I had time for a Granny A Day!!!


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