Friday, April 17, 2009

Owls find Cherry Blossoms!

One of the best signs of Spring...In your hair, on your hand, or in your kitchen -- Cherry Blossoms look beautiful everywhere!

lalala08 has put together this gorgeous, Spring-inspired owlfinds list of cherry blossom items. This, like almost everything you could search on Etsy, just scratches the surface of the items that are out there inspired by or featuring cherry blossoms. Check these awesome items out on Etsy, and be sure to check out our list curator too! Thanks lalala!

Featured artists and items:

Cherry Blossom Girl Print by jkldesign

Red Cherry Blossom Ring by tigerlillyshop

Red Blossoms Bobby Pins by MGMart

Cherry Blossom Laptop Sleeve by janinekingdesigns

Red Cherry Blossoms Hand Painted Serving Set by HeatherRLange

Sakura Necklace by jorgensenstudio


knitandpearl said...

Oooh! Love cherry blossoms!

I had a ring like that from tigerlilyshop, but I think I broke it :( I'm too clumsy!!

J-Mi said...

One of my favorite things I've gotten from Etsy is a cherry's from

it's this, only in a 5x7


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