Thursday, April 30, 2009

Secret Plushie Swap!

Squarejane and IckyDogCreations both make cute and crazy plushies, and recently they decided to have a Secret Plushie Swap!

They both agreed on a price point, and set off to create top-secret plushies for each other. Without including pictures, they both listed their critters on Etsy and each purchased the other plushie. Oh the mystery!

The end result was two plushies who are very cute and quite perfect for their new owners. This is Cami of IckyDog with her new friend:

Karren of SquareJane finally got her little friend in the mail a few days ago (silly Canada!), and seems to be quite pleased. (Yes, her new little friend is indeed a zombie bunny who is eating that poor sock monkey's brains!)

This little critter swap is, in my opinion, the perfect example of what our team's about! Get to know each other, make friends, mail each other zombie bunnies! How perfect is that? Kudos to Cami & Karren. :)

Now, go swap something!!!


Zemphira said...


Tobelina's World said...

Bahahaha - too funny! I think I used to know the real life version of that zombie bunny!


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