Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green With The Owls!

In honor of Earth Day, we're highlighting some of our team members who have eco-friendly items in their shops! Crafting with something upcycled or recycled gives a new challenge to the process and new life to something that might otherwise be cast aside! Our Owls get crafty with your old pants, scraps of glass, and more! We're also highlighting several shops who stress going green! Enjoy, and shop GREEN on Earth Day, and beyond. Happy Earth Day!

SquareJane recycles about everything she can get her hands on! In this listing, it's a man's suit, and look at what she's done with it!CagedBirdSings makes glass windchimes, and keeps her scraps to make smaller 'Itty' chimes! She also uses sticks! Look!

BlackCatMima took a vintage earring without a mate, that would have normally been tossed, and gave it a new life!

This item from Zemphira isn't upcycled, but she makes it so much easier for you to go green! She makes reusable market totes, coffee cozies, and more recently, sandwich/snack bags like this one below. Pack your lunch for work every day, or make lunch for your kids? Get rid of the constant need to buy those plastic ziploc bags and go green! Not only will it save you money and save the planet, but it's way cuter :)

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