Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stellar Seller: ChopstixWaits

Tell us and the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share...

My name is Chopstix Waits. I live in rochester ny with my great dane Angus and my hairless cat Chicken. I grew up here, traveled a bit when i was younger , and ended up buying a house a few years ago.I am a self taught seamstress and fiber artist. I sew,spin,felt and crochet full time, and spend most of my days in my attic studio. In my free time I west african dance, contra dance, and am currently learning russian, i also enjoy the occasional late night and slightly intoxicated dance party. When i can find the time, I love to travel for inspiration and textiles.

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

Etsy and i met at just the right time! I had quit my part time job bartending, and although i was doing some bridal , and costuming work, there is just not much of a market for my work in the city where i live. A friend of mine had an etsy shop, and i decided to check it out. I was lucky to have a small customer base that came with me and really got the ball rolling on etsy for me. I now work almost full time on etsy, and love how easy it is to use, and that i can reach a global market of customers.

How did you get into making what you make?

I have been sewing for as long as i can remember. Most of my family are artist and craftsman, and i grew up around a lot of creativity. When i was younger, i started making my own clothes because i could never find what i wanted. I love the color, history, and integrity of traditional clothing from India, Asia, and Africa, and i take constant inspiration from this.

Describe yourself in 1 word: wonderlust

Do you have a favorite:

favorite word or saying: As of late i am obsessed with this line from Pablo Nerudas Ode to sadness: "I will sweep the bits and pieces of your carcass to the four corners of the wind" . Its not really a saying, but beautiful in context

favorite color: bright
Favorite author: too many to choose just one, right now i am reading The hunter, the hammer and heaven by Robert Young Pelton.I also swear by lonely planet guide books.
Favorite holiday: I celebrate at random
Favorite etsy seller:I have a couple of favorites i have to mention, these ladies have their own sense of style, and a color aesthetic that i love:katwise eviegreenpixie

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