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Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Finds: Lawnmowers!

Yep, this is another look at summer. When people think about summer, not everyone looks at the low points. Leave that to us: we're highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly about summer! Everyone loves those green summer lawns for cookouts, pool parties, and picnics, but the upkeep isn't always fun! So, get yourself a lawnmower, and get started!

Featured artists and items:

**I can no longer find the lawn mower button...if you're out there, let me know!

Owl Spotlight: IckyDogCreations

My Grandpa was always such a crafty fellow. He could make something out of nothing and loved using found objects (halved walnut shells as scary fingernails on a giant hand, pistaccio shells as weird little singing faces . . .). My favorite of his creations were his watch sculptures. He would take apart watches and use the gears and springs and whatnot to create intricate sculptures of trains, motorcycles, and castles. I was in awe of the detail. (and I wish I had some pics to share!)

When my Grandpa died, he left all of his watches and watch parts to me. They sat in my basement for the longest time. I had no idea what to do with them. Then one day, about 3 months ago, I decided to try my hand at making a watch train. How hard could it be, right? Um, HARD. I tried and tried, to no avail. And it didn't help that I was trying to hold the pieces together using a glue gun (FYI: glue guns = not a good choice for gluing metal!). I was disappointed. I was annoyed. Heck, I was angry! My hubby, not wanting me to be in a fowl mood (probably a good thing - I tend to cuss like a sailor when I'm mad!) suggested we buy some epoxy to try. He also suggested to make something other than a train (since it obviously wasn't working out).
So I started with an owl. Some of the gears reminded me of the eyes of a great horned owl. And he turned out pretty cute! I was digging through the pieces and noticed one reminded me of a hummingbird. So I made one. Another piece looked like a dragon head, a robot, a cat . . . and so started my watch sculpting.

And the epoxy works much better than a glue gun!
This is the latest owl I'm working on. You can see others in my etsy store!

Ickydogcreations, sometimes known in the real world as Cami, is one of our newer Owls, jumping on board in the last few months. She's taken to us quickly, and has found she fits right in! Get to know her better, by checking out her blog and also by visiting her Etsy shop

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stellar Seller: CraftyKathleen

This week's Stellar Seller is CraftyKathleen. She's one busy lady, read the interview to learn about her various shops and how she got there, and also check out her blog FussyGussy

Tell us and the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share...

My name is Meagan, and I am the owner of not one but three Etsy shops: craftykathleen, fussygussy and paintedpretties I've been collecting fabric for many years now and decided about 2 years ago to give up the day job and go to work for myself. I sell super kitschy fabrics and notions, as well as handmade pot-holders, aprons, curtains, and other goodies. I received my BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001, and have been painting away ever since. I'm currently working on a series of portraits based on the idea of doppelgangers. Needless to say, I'm one very busy lady!!!

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?
I was introduced to Etsy by a vendor at the SOWA Open Market in Boston (of which I am now an active participant). She liked the tote bag I was carrying and when I told her I'd made it, she said " HAVE to try out Etsy! It's the best!!!" And so it has been. I love Etsy and all that it has to offer.

How are you inspired to create?
I grew up in a creative household and have always been an aesthetically driven person. My father was a painter and my mother is (and always has been) very fashionable yet classic, both in her personal style and in the home. Basically, I can't help myself but be creative. It's in my bones, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Describe yourself in 1 word: Sincere.

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying?:
I love the French word "gateau". I love the sound of it, and what it means (cake!!!)

dessert: Dunkan Hines chocolate cupcakes with pink tinted vanilla frosting.

book and/or author?: I have TOO many, but here are a few: Wuthering Heights, The Master and Margarita, A Drowned Maiden's Hair, Dracula, Doctor Zhivago, most books/stories by Stephen King, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Daphne DuMaurier.

vacation spot?: Any seaside town.

Etsy seller?: Again, TOO many to name. I would, though, like to give kudos to my sister's shop simplydaisy, as she makes beautiful things and has been such a support to me. Thank you also to squarejane for nominating me!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Etsy 101, Owls Style: Getting Started

In anticipation of our August Trunk Show, we're going to be posting a series of articles all about the Etsy process. These articles will cover everything from the basics of Etsy (how to register, search, and purchase), how to use Paypal, to an indepth look at the Etsy Virtual Labs (where we're having the show).

This first look will be all about getting started on Etsy, how to register, and how to find what you're looking for.

Step 1: Signing Up: Welcome to!

The image below is the main page at

The red circle in the top right corner is where you should begin. Of course, if you already have an Etsy account, you would click 'sign in', but since we're assuming you don't, you click Register

The registration process is really simple, you just provide a username, password, and an email address. One thing to consider is that your username can NEVER be changed, so think about it before you choose it. Also, if you decide to become a seller, it would be your username too (unless you opened up a seperate shop, which requires a seperate email address.)

After this process, check your email for an email from Etsy confirming your sign up, and then you're good to go!! If you already have a Paypal account, you can start buying right away. If you don't have a Paypal account, you'll have to set one up, but it's pretty easy. Look for a coming tutorial on how to set that up in the next few days!

Step 2: Finding What You're Looking For

So, now you're signed up for Etsy, now what??

If you know what you're looking for on Etsy, it's as easy as typing it in the search engine and seeing what's out there. Looking back at the picture above, the search box is hard to miss on the main Etsy page. I've circled it with a big blue circle just to help out. You just pick a catagory from the drop down menu on the left (handmade, vintage, supplies, all items, or sellers) and then just type your search terms in the box.

Search tips:

To save you time, if you have a really specific item in mind, be specific in your search. The difference between 'knitted scarf' and 'green knitted scarf' is about 14,000 listings. So being specific is important.

Also, a great Etsy search feature is the word 'NOT'. Etsy sellers are allowed to tag their items with a series of search tags. Sometimes these tags can go against what you're looking for. For example, lets go back to that scarf search. If you search 'green knitted scarf', you get everything tagged with those words. Sellers who lists cowls or neckwarmers or shawls might also list them as scarves. But you're looking for a scarf, not a cowl. So you tell the search engine this, 'green knitted scarf not cowl' and it takes out all items tagged with cowl. You can keep adding to narrow it down as far as you can get it.

What's coming up in the Owls 101 series? More search tips and a look at Advanced Search, Alchemy, and also signing up for Paypal.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holly's Day at the Renaissance Fair

Hola! One day me and my hubby were driving to get some icecream and I saw a sign! It said on Memorial Day weekend there will be a Renaissance Fair in Amana Iowa. I was super excited because I have never experienced a Renaissance Fair before. I forced my hubby to go and pose for pictures. Here are the results.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to Summer!!!

So, it's not officially summer yet, but it sure does feel like it. As Memorial Day approaches here in the United States, it gets more difficult to remember that it isn't summer yet--- there are pools, picnics, grills, and lots of summer seeming fun everywhere you look! So, in honor of that, we're planning a series of SummerFinds features showing the best of summer's best that Etsy has to offer. We're starting with this lovely road trip themed Poster Sketch put together by SquareJane. Can you hear the ocean???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stellar Seller: RememberWynn

This week's Stellar Seller is RememberWynn She has found her niche on Etsy selling handmade labels, guitar picks, custom keychains, and more! She was nominated by SquareJane who purchased some labels and wanted to share her experience. Enjoy the interview and check out her shop!!

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I stumbled across Etsy from fellow sewers (not sewers - euwwww) on but never listed my sewing on here, thought I would, but custom orders from my sister's boutique kept me too busy to make extras. Then when we got the laser, I was so happy I could make my own custom labels, then I thought I would like to share an affordable option with other cottage industries. Every option I could find online had a huge minimum order or set-up fee. The laser aspect has sort of replaced my sewing for the time being - And yes, of course, I love it!!!

How are you inspired to create?

I gather inspiration from everywhere! Anything old, anything new - which most new stuff is a take from the old - everything goes!

Describe yourself in 1 word: easy going, nope 2 words - laid back, still 2 words - hmmmm - stumped!

Do you have a favorite:

word or saying?
love movie quotes, and a lot that no one but my daughter would get - we mix our words and parts of words within sentences (that often get repeated a million times)

dessert naner puddin' but the good old fashioned baked kind!

holiday? I love Thanksgiving for it's simplicity of focusing on family time with out any pressures of gifts and of course the food!!!

Etsy seller? I appreciate all crafts and arts! There is no way to pick a favorite! Even on a local level of a school craft fair, people's creativity amazes me!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Etsy 101: Owls Style

In anticipation of our August Trunk Show, we're going to be posting a series of articles all about the Etsy process. These articles will cover everything from the basics of Etsy (how to register, search, and purchase), how to use Paypal, to an indepth look at the Etsy Virtual Labs (where we're having the show).

We'll also be linking to some great resources straight from Etsy, including how-tos and FAQ's.

These will be great resources for anyone who hasn't seen Etsy before, but will also help Etsians who might not be familiar with the Labs be able to enjoy the show! We'll be starting this coming week, so stay tuned!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you Zazzle? We do!

Have you heard about Zazzle?

Zazzle's this pretty neat website where you can custom design your own items, and you can also open a storefront selling your designs. Cafepress works the same way, and both communities are a cool way to explore a LOT of interesting designs or make something for yourself that you can't find anywhere else.

A few of our team members have opened shops on Zazzle, check them out!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Specials!!

A few of our members are having some fantastic sales, or giveaways on their blogs. Be sure to check them out for a chance to win some awesome stuff!!!

Presents for Pirates is having a May sale--- buy any two sets of stationary, get a third set for FREE! Woot, FREE!

JBirkemeierphoto is having her first ever giveaway on her blog. Clickie the picture to see more :) (All you have to do is comment on her blog!) This ends TOMORROW at 12:00 Central (and you know, I don't know if this is midnight or noon, so you better get in quick!!!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Owls find LOST

For those out there who love LOST as much as I do, jamieleto put this owlfinds list together for us all to squee about tonight's LOST season finale. So Squee away, and enjoy it while you can! It'll be a long time until next season! The only thing to tide us over will be items like this on Etsy, watching reruns, and trying to decide just WHO is our favorite character. Feel free to comment with yours!!

Dharma Initiative Lunch Bags by sammo

Lost Numbers Necklace by junedesigns

Locke Mosaic Montage by finalscore

Lost cast pocket mirror by CactusMafia

Kate portrait by OfNatureDesigns

Oceanic 815 (for your neck!) by nakedtile

Etsy Owls Trunk Show!!

New: Win a bracelet from Knitandpearl on our blog here!

This is the official info site for the Etsy Owls Trunk Show!

WHO? The Etsy Owls Street Team
WHAT? An online shopping experience full of a wide variety of items, including art, crochet/knitted items, jewelry, and more!
WHEN? Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 from 7:00 to 8:30 Eastern time
WHERE? Etsy's Virtual Labs, (Room TBA)
WHY? Come on, why not? It'll be a great chance to see some talented artists on Etsy, get to know a fun bunch of people, and if that's not enough, we're giving away A LOT of stuff for FREE! FREE

If you're new to Etsy, search Owls 101 in the search box in the top left corner of the blog for a series of tutorials all about learning to use Etsy.

Stay tuned for a preview of the prizes that will be given away.
Leave a comment with your email address (or sign up for our mailing list) to be kept in the loop on updates as we near the show. (We promise we won't spam you!)
Also keep up with the info on Facebook
Here are the participating shops:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Owls Find [Your] Childhood

Remember how much fun you used to have with these toys when you were a kid?In this Owlfinds list, lalala08 takes us down memory lane with some of the best toys ever. Embrace your inner child, and show your forever-love with the help of these talented Etsians!

Polly Pocket & Friends Charm Bracelet by JANETLILY

Vintage Barbie Sassy Wrap Bracelet or Necklace by wearwolf

Starlite Twink and Rainbow Brite Fine Art Resin Bracelet by beckysinn

Raggedy Ann and Andy Bracelet by BunnyBeadsBoutique

Asparagus Hello Kitty Earrings by TheFicklePickle

White My Little Pony Necklace by cherryboop

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day from the Owls

Happy Mothers Day to all the Owl-Momma's (and pending Owl-Momma's!) and also to every Mom out there. Here's a few items from Etsy to celebrate that special mother & child bond. Click each to be taken to their Etsy listings.

Featuring: IMCreations, Talchen, Faraharia

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Owls Find Beer!

We're not all drinkers here in the Owls gang, but there are some of us who like our beer! KnitandPearl went bar hopping on Etsy to find the best beer out there. These owlfinds items are worth a look, even if you're not a beer drinker!

Guinness Soap by SoothingOasis

Heineken Earrings by COOBoriginals

Red Stripe Glasses by YavaGlass

Pint of Beer Necklace by GlassworksNorthwest

Mustache Pint Glasses by BreadandBadger

Blue Moon Notebook by IvyLaneDesigns

PBR Belt Buckle by pureGARAGE

Beer Mug Earrings by FantasyBeader

Friday, May 8, 2009

Owl Spotlight: WeiOpenSecret

I attended quite a few numbers of craft show last year as a vendor. I also did local farmers markets during the summer. It was an enjoyable and learning experience every time. Throughout the process I’ve refined my products, prices and displays to become a better and more successful vendor. Therefore, I thought I would share few simple Craft Fair Tips I've learned here. I am not an expert. At each event, I always make sure I find someone who can sit in my table for a moment while I walk around the show. See which vendor’s table catch my attention and make a mental note as to why. If I notice a particular vendor is busy, I will see if they have an idea I can adapt to my own display. Most importantly, say "HI" to all the fellow crafters. It’s nice to know there are others, who share my passion in crafting!

The most common and tough question I ask myself is always… ”How much should I sell it for?” Crafting should always be an outlet for enjoying yourself. It shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Make sure you keep receipts from the purchase of all your materials. Record how much of each material you used for each item, and how long it took you to make it. Add these all up; this is the cost of your product. In general, your selling price is multiply the cost by 2 or 3 times. It is also a good idea to check if your selling prices are competitive with your competition. Because each vendor might have different costs for his/her products, don’t be surprise to see a similar product you sell, being sold by another vendor for $5 to $10 more or less. If you need to reduce or increase the price, make sure you don’t lose money and it’s reasonable.

I’ve learned in the past, put a price tag on EVERY item is extremely important. I used to place a sign with the prices, but it’s not visible enough. Although some customers may ask, most will just put the item back and move on. Ever since I placed a price tag on each item, it increases my sales drastically. Most customers, who liked my product but were still indecisive, made the purchase as soon as they saw the price. If you want to keep a customer’s interest, don’t make them search for the price especially when you are busy with another customers.

Having a nice display is also very important. It should be obvious that just laying your products flat on the table will not be eye catching. As a part-time crafter, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on displays. Therefore, I’ve been trying to find inventive ways to save money on displays. Although I don’t have a fancy display, like some vendors, it has served me well. Over the years, I collected some leftover small wooden blocks from construction sites or from friends/neighbors, who’re building houses or furniture. I used them underneath the tablecloth to create levels of heights. Wooden blocks are strong and sturdy enough to withhold heavy objects. To grab customer’s attention as they glace around the craft show, it’s important to set your feature item at eye level, about five feet high.

I also have a small 4 feet folding table I purchased from a discount store. Think it only costs me less than $20 and very easy to carry around. I use it wherever the craft show doesn’t supply tables. Although the typical table size for craft shows is 6 feet, it is too large and heavy for a 5’1 person like myself to carry alone. A 4 feet table sounds small, and crafters with many products are often tempted to lay them all out and crowd in as many different things as they can. I would strongly encourage you not to do that. It is better to show a few products in groups and leave some space around. Your mind will keep organized if there’s a gap between items. To many choices of the same items will just keep the browser keep on looking. Keep some items in storage under the table, so you can meet a variety of needs and restock the table later. You’ll find as long as you keep your table nice and neat, the size of table is not an issue.

Many customers have complimented on how beautiful my tablecloth is and ask me if I sell tablecloths. :) Although I don’t, it certainly draws customer’s attention to me. It is actually made from a leftover upholstery fabric, which I have the habit of collecting. My grandma sometimes used the fabric I collected and made them into school bags or blankets for children in poor countries. I can’t think of a better way to recycle and reuse those fabrics. Leftover upholstery fabric often is too small to be used on any furniture and they’re incredibly durable and some are even waterproof. You can also make them into small squares of coasters or wall art (with wood frames). Therefore, I recommend you to check out any local independent custom furniture stores if you know one. Just make sure to use a pleasant color for your table covering.

Jewelry stands...whatever style you choose, the factor of elevation should help to create an appealing display. I display my earrings and Choo-Choo the Owl charms on a metal tree, which I found in a garage sale. It is actually a candleholder, but it works as a jewelry display extremely well. It makes customers stop and look – the first step to enticing a sale. Garage sales really are a good place to find displays if you’re on a tight budge. Be unique and creative and don’t forget to wear a piece of jewelry you make to show it off.

Metal panels are also a very good way to display jewelry. I found them 50% off online and purchased the stands for those panels at the general dollar store. I use thumbtacks and small magnets to hang the necklaces and pendants. You can also purchase a big piece of pegboard from hardware stores, such as Home Depot, and have them cut into small pieces for you. A 2’ by 4’ aluminum or stainless pegboard will cost you around $50, but you can get a wood one for less than $10.

OK, I am going to stop right here. I hope you find these tips helpful. Have a lovely spring.
Photos Courtesy of Flint City Handmade. For more information about Flint City Handmade or individual vendor shown here, please go to, Thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Burrowing Owls OMG TOO CUTE!!

You know you've found that little special something on Etsy that makes you squee, giggle, and stare at your computer screen. lalala08 has been exploring that side of owlies. There's no lacking of owls on Etsy, but only a few of the owl items can get the OMG THAT'S SO CUTE! reaction.

Here, a few of her favorites (if it's tiny and/or has ginormous eyes, she's smitten!)

Little wee baby barn owl by fantiny

Owl Mama by needlings

Kitschy Owl Figurine by EmmaDear

Owly Earrings in Green by yellowtangerine

Owl Groom Ornament by ytlou

Rusty Wildflower Uncommon Owl by theuncommonkid

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stellar Seller: TjTUnraveled

This week's Stellar Seller is TjTUnraveled, who makes gorgeous handdyed yarn. She was nominated by KnitandPearl who has purchased from her several times and always turns out fantastic things with her yarn! Read the interview below, and visit her shop and her blog.

Tell us & the Etsy world a bit about you, anything you'd like to share...

I am a substitute school teacher and I have been knitting since I was 12 years old. I have 2 Etsy stores, tjtunraveled, and tjtdesign.

How did you meet Etsy? Was it love at first sight?

I started on Etsy in 2007 when my husbands co-worker told me about the site. I love to knit and I wanted a place I could sell all of the pieces I started to collect. There are only so many knitted gifts you can give to your friends and family. I loved the community feel of Etsy and how easy it was to get started. I still get exited with each piece I sell.

How did you get into dying yarn and what inspires you to create the colorways you do?

After about a year, I was searching for another outlet for my creative side. I had been interested in opening up a new store and I was researching hand-dyed yarn. I thought about how I could connect the two stores together. Tjtunraveled came from the idea that it is a deconstructed version of my knitting store. My husband is such a driving force for the yarn store. He went to school for art and has such a wonderful eye and color palate. I am always going to him to work out ideas and come up with new shades to use. I also love when people ask me for special request colorways. I get requests for colorways based on a mood, or a place someone has visited. I have even gotten requests for colorways based on baby clothes and diaper covers. I often use those colorways again in my store for general sale.

I am inspired by the natural world around me as well as my love for knitting. When I come up with new colorways, I am always imagining how the colors would look in a scarf or other accessories. I think that perspective helps me come up with some wild colorways. I love when I re-skein the yarn after dying and seeing how the colors look together.

Describe yourself in 1 word:

If I had to describe myself in one word I think it would be organized. I am constantly working out new projects while juggling work, knitting, my dog Otis, and many other things.

Tell us your favorite:

I really don't have a favorite saying or word...My favorite color is blue and my favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell. It is what made me want to go into Sociology for my undergraduate work. I don't really have a favorite holiday either, but I love the winter. There is something about the cold and rain that I just love. That is why Oregon will always be my home.

I think all of my customers that sell on Etsy are my favorite sellers. I love to see what they create with my yarn. KnitandPearl is one of those stores. She creates such beautiful and unique pieces I am a little jealous of her work! Artisanimpact is another great Etsy store. Their pieces are just gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo, an Etsy Owls Challenge!

We decided to honor Cinco de Mayo by having ourselves a little creative challenge. The theme was simple, all you had to do was make something honoring Mexican or Mexican-American culture. Our last challenge was just a few weeks ago, so due to the shorter creating period we only had 3 owlies enter this challenge, but no worries, because all 3 of them brought awesome stuff to the table.

Check out the entries below and vote for your favorite in the poll on the left. There are two photos per entry.

If you cannot vote in the poll, put your vote in the comments here, but be sure to say the poll doesn't work for you or your vote will not be counted.

LoveAlisa's Cinco De Mayo Clutch:

SquareJane's Cinco de Mayo Taco Earrings

Ickydogcreations Cinco de Mayo with Chihuahua flair

For other fun Cinco de Mayo activities, check out EtsyBaby's Cinco de Mayo Challenge or visit the Spanglish team's blog for the history of the day. Feliz Cinco de Mayo from all of us!

Owls find Frida!

As in Frida Kahlo. :) I keep it no secret that she's such a favorite of mine, and it came out recently that she's a favorite of several other team members as well. Since today's Cinco de Mayo, we thought we'd pay a bit of hommage to our favorite mujer de México, Frida!

This is a bit different than a normal Owl Finds, and several items are from the same sellers, as there are some shops on Etsy who are all about Frida, and they have awesome stuff. This is also just the surface of the Frida items on Etsy, click here to search through over 1,500 items for your favorites.

Click on any picture for the item on Etsy. :) (Also, watch for our July creative challenge all in honor of Frida!)

I just did a quick search on Frida and this little Moon bun chica popped up. Isn't she adorable??? I think Frida would approve.


This little Frida's modeled after the artist's favorite portrait of Frida. Can you guess which one? (hint, the picture's in the listing too so you can check your answer!)


Six06 is hands down one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and a recent find too! Artist Julie Zarate does some gorgeous work, and Frida's only a small part of her entourage.

Frida's La Caza Azul

La Ultima Fiesta


This shop has Frida gone wild, on jewelry, on mirrors, on everything! And these Frida's are gorgeous too! As if Frida's not enough, she's channeling Picasso too. (part of me just died of total bliss...)

Frida & her Sugar Skulls keychain


CatBoxArtStudio has some very cool Frida items, such as this 2009 desk calendar made from a CD case. How cool is that?

Death Chokes Me Art Pocket Mirror


Minimalista makes some of the coolest Frida-wear out there. She's got Viva La Frida shirts in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Go Frida!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Owl Spotlight: RemixStudio

So, I’ll be frank, I had some trouble thinking of something to talk about. Moving, nah, I talk about moving 93% of my day, I certainly didn’t want to bore you all with that. Tshirt thrifting, while certainly interesting, I haven’t had many recent adventures doing so, and I couldn’t think of any mild wisdom I could mine anyway. So, other than working, I decided to go over some of my favorite blogs. Yes, some of my favorite blogs. Now, you will notice something—they aren’t really craft related. Nope, off of the top of my head they aren’t at all. But these are blogs I read and they inform my thinking in some way or another.


Cakewrecks is how I’ve learned to laugh so hard I can cry. Really, this blog is all about what happens when you don’t do something well, or, what is better known as people will mock you. Cakes gone so wrong, I can’t help think it’s a reminder for all of us to do whatever we do really, really well. And it’s also a grammar lesson for all of us. (or also on Twitter @cakewrecks)


This is my way of knowing what’s going on in the world. There are a variety (and I do mean variety) of posts, but I enjoy the randomness of it all. There is no way I would hear about half of the movies out there, I am simply just not that hip anymore.

Pioneer Woman

Last, but not least is by far my favorite, Pioneer Woman. Pioneer Woman just won Blog of the Year at the bloggies just a few months ago, but if that’s not reason enough to check her out, let me attempt to summarize what it’s all about. Children, ranches, food, cowboys, sushi, citygirl-meets-cowboy, cows, remodeling, gardening, education, photography, photoshop, giveaways, wild horses,, I could go on. Pioneer's engaging photography and writing style is certainly what drew me in, and I was more than hooked when I realized I friend I knew in college was proposed to through Pioneer Woman’s blog (her fiancé is now officially awesome in my book.) Lastly, Pioneer Woman is a great photographer and has lots of tutorials on both how to take better pictures and how to use photoshop to make your pictures even better. If you have photoshop, don’t forget to download her Photoshop Action Sets, they are an incredibly useful tool!

RemixStudio , also known as Liz, makes awesome bags from t-shirts in addition to some graphic design. Check out her Etsy shop and get to know her a bit better by reading her blog. You can also check out her previous Spotlight (full of design camp adventures) here

Friday, May 1, 2009

Burrowing Owls: Walls

We've been building this list for a while, because it's been an effort to find the right collection of prints and paintings. I met some of these people in the Etsy chats the other night and they shared their paintings with me. These items are all ready to find a new home on your walls. Bring some owls into your life, will ya?

Featured artists and items:

Happy Baby from the Owls!

This post is in honor of everyone who is expecting a little Owlet in the coming future! We'd especially like to say congrats to Zemphira who has a new one coming any time now and also to one of our newer Owls AlexanderRose who is due in June! Happy Baby from the Owls!!

lalala08 recently spent some time conducting an Etsy Search baby shower, and compiled this list of things perfect for that ultimate hospital trip! So shop for yourself, or shop for that loved one or friend of yours who's getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy!

1. A big, beautiful bag to carry all those things you can't do without! Bonus -- doubles as an ultra gorgeous diaper bag later. Amelia Large Tote Bag by urbanharmonie

2. Hello, lip balm! Helps keep your lips looking and feeling beautiful as you shout at your partner for doing this to you. (just kidding!) Ananda Organic Vegan Bliss for your lips in Dandelion by jewelalchemy

3. Stay hydrated! Opt for a pretty mug or cup to keep your ice chips in instead of the icky styrofoam ones! Polka Dot Mug by BMLangPottery

4. Find a focal point! Why not bring along a picture of something calming to help you focus between contractions? Vintage Art Deco Wooden Picture Frame by RobertaGrove

5. So, hospital socks...yeah, ew. Bring along your favorite pair of slippers instead!
Spring Equinox Flat by HydraHeart

6. Don't forget your robe, too! Hospital gowns get the same "ew" factor as the socks!
Knee Length Kimono Style Robe by plumprettysugar

7. Wash cloths/baby wipes/nursing pads/whatever! You will be glad you packed these.
Pack of 6 Single-Ply Hemp/OC Reusable Cloth Wipes by sewfussy

8. Something cute for your wee one to wear home, or for the hospital pictures!
Bird Onesie and Burp Cloth Set by valeriya

9. Don't you love when chic and functionality come together, like in this dress made with nursing moms in mind? Don't forget to bring something simple, comfortable, and lovely to wear home yourself! This Floral Life sweater dress by replicca


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